Friday, January 18, 2008

This is what happens when a document is taken out of context

The students who were protesting the Holy Father's visit owe him an apology. But don't hold your breath:

"The rector of Rome's Sapienza University announced that he will re-invite Benedict XVI to visit the institution.Renato Guarini affirmed this after the inauguration ceremony today that was supposed to have included a lecture given by the Pope. The Vatican announced Tuesday that the visit would be postponed, due to what the Pope's secretary of state called a lack of the "prerequisites for a dignified and tranquil welcome."

A small protest that eventually reached the point of several students occupying the rector's offices motivated the Holy See to cancel the visit. The protestors called the Pope 'hostile' to science and took issue with a 1990 speech by then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger on the Galileo case.

The 1990 speech in its entirety showed the protestors to have taken Cardinal Ratzinger's words out of context."

No doubt, liberals with an anti-Catholic agenda will also take the following out of context:

But the fact that the Holy Father is changing this prayer of the Latin Mass so as to make it less offensive to the Jewish People in no way constitutes an admission of anti-Semitism. Nor does it have anything to do with Church teaching.

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Andrew said...

Reminds me of how you were invited to speak in Richmond and later uninvited when opponents of the Church couldn't refute your blog posts which draw heavily upon historical facts...Same cheap tactics.

Michelle said...

Secularists are the most intolerant people around. Don't believe it? Try to pray in the public schools. Try to put up a creche in a public place. Try objecting to your child being taught (in the public schools)that homosexual sex is "normal" and "natural." The ACLU will be bearing down on you before you can bat your eyelashes.

Alzina said...

All of Sapienza University should be ashamed at the conduct of these miscreants. They were more worked up over the Pope's visit than students at Columbia University were over the visit from Ahmahdinejad, a Dictator sho sponsors global terrorism. Strange.

John Ansley said...

Dr. Warren Carroll, a Catholic historian, was asked:

"What was the rationale the Church used for including the term "perfidious Jews" in the Good Friday Liturgy? My dictionary defines this term to be "of deliberate breach of faith or trust."

To which he responded:

"The word 'perfidious' in the old Good Friday liturgy referred to the rejection of God's Son the Messiah by the Jews who called for his crucifixion. He had given them proofs of who He was, but they closed their eyes and ears to them. Though it may be counter-productive to make this point in today's age, this willful blindness to the truth is spectacularly evidenced by the Sanhedrin when they received the report of Jesus' Resurrection from the Roman guards at His tomb. There were 16 guards on duty, only 600 yards from Pilate's government house and residence; they were certainly not all asleep, for sleeping on watch by a Roman soldier was punishable by death. If the Sanhedrin believed their report, they knew a miracle had happened. If they disbelieved it, why did they not denounce them to Pilate and have the apostles arrested for stealing Jesus' body, either with the complicity of the guards or because of their negligence? But the Sanhedrin did neither, instead bribing the guards to say that Jesus' disciples had stolen His body while they slept, and promising to protect them from Pilate. They must have known or at least guessed the truth, and yet refused to believe. In any case, the expression 'perfidious' cannot logically apply to Jews apart from the circumstances of the crucifixion..."

Therefore, it is ridiculous for some (like the anti-Catholic propagandists at the Cohen Center), to view or interpret this as an "anti-Semitic" liturgy.

Talk about taking something out of context!

Gerald Rienner said...

As the Catholic League put it, Catholic priests promote both faith and reason. These liberal ideologists don't believe in either. Sounds a lot like Keene State. An apt comparison:


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