Monday, February 11, 2008

Planned Parenthood closes "clinics" in five states...

And this is only the beginning. Those who promote the killing of unborn children are on the losing side of history. The question of when human life begins is a scientific question. Therefore, we shouldn't look to philosophic theories for an answer but to scientific facts. In the words of Dr & Mrs. J.C. Willke: "Biologic human life is defined by examining the scientific facts of human development. This is a field where there is no controversy, no disagreement. There is only one set of facts, only one embryology book is studied in medical school. The more scientific knowledge of fetal development that has been learned, the more science has confirmed that the beginning of any one human individual's life, biologically speaking, begins at the completion of the union of his father's sperm and his mother's ovum, a process called 'conception,' 'fertilization,' or 'fecundation.' This is so because this being, from fertilization, is alive, human, sexed, complete and growing." ("Why can't we love them both: questions and answers about abortion," p. 57).

The Roe opinion ignored scientific facts and described the unborn child as "a potential life." Propagandists for the culture of death do the same. But the unborn child is not a "blob of tissue." Francis Crick, the Nobel Prize-winning biophysicist, drove this point home when he said that, "..the amount of information contained in the chromosomes of a single fertilized human egg is equivalent to about a thousand printed volumes of books, each as large as a volume of the Encyclopaedia Britannica." (Taken from Doris Gordon, "Abortion and Rights: Applying Libertarian Principles Correctly," Studies in Prolife Feminism, Spring 1995, pp. 121, 127).

The Roe opinion (based upon a "right to privacy" that the Court couldn't even locate in the Constitution but nevertheless said was broad enough to encompass a woman's "right" to abort her child), ignored science because the scientific facts were deemed "inconvenient" and "irrelevant." I wonder if Justice Blackmun still considered them irrelevant when he stood before the Lord Jesus to account for his life?

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Anonymous said...

Roe should have said that the unborn child is a life with potential instead of a "potential life." What great lengths the Supreme Court went to in order to justify the killing of the unborn.

Anonymous said...

The abortion movement is collapsing. This also explains why the Democratic Party has been losing so many elections. They promote abortion. And the American people don't want it.

Joseph Scheidler is right. He has said that the abortion movement is destined to fail as people become more knowledgeable and because pro-lifers are having large families at the same time the culture of death crowd aborts theirs.

It is simple arithmetic. As our numbers increase, their numbers decrease. The way of life triumphs over the way of death in so many ways.

Anonymous said...

Roe vs. Wade is deconstructing because people are realizing that the Church was right all along. Excellent post. I'm going to look for the book you reference.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who can look at those photographs of unborn children and insist that they are merely "blobs of tissue" is willfully blind. Evidence of the demonic. Some people refuse to even look at the truth.

Anonymous said...

My brother's friend had been there in China and Taiwan. And he was shocked when he entered a restaurant in China becoz he saw babies in bottles which are being served in their meal as you order. I mean they serve babies and its juices. And in most places in Taiwan.... there is a sign everywhere...."FREE ABORTION"...
This is terrible!!! Heaven is crying for vengeance!!!!!!!!!!!


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