Wednesday, March 26, 2008

" fellow believers in the God who revealed himself.."

In a meeting with Jewish leadership [in the United States] on September 11, 1987, Pope John Paul II said in part, "It is my sincere hope that, as partners in dialogue, as fellow believers in the God who revealed himself, as the children of Abraham, we will strive to render a common service to humanity, which is so needed in this our day. We are called to collaborate in service and to unite in a common cause wherever a brother or sister is unattended, forgotten, neglected or suffering in any way; wherever human rights are endangered or human dignity offended; wherever the rights of God are violated or ignored.."

As readers of this Blog know well, I have committed myself to fighting not only anti-Catholicism but also anti-Semitism. It is my belief that "spiritually, we are all Semites" (Pius XI to Belgian Pilgrims, September 6, 1938). This is one reason I have devoted so much time in the past in opposing an anti-Semitic organization based out of Richmond, New Hampshire and calling itself the "Saint Benedict Center."

The leader of this organization has asserted that the Jewish People undermine public morality. And so it is with great irony that I reflect upon recent events which took place in Central Massachusetts. Seven Christian Churches were vandalized by a troubled youth during Holy Week. A reward was offered by the Knights of Columbus and by the Shaloh House Chabad Synagogue based out of Stoughton, Massachusetts:

Why do I make mention of this? While the "Saint Benedict Center" in Richmond, New Hampshire (not to be confused with the Saint Benedict Center in Still River, Massachusetts which is in full communion with the Church - there is no affiliation) did not offer any reward monies in this case, our dear friends at the Shaloh House Chabad Synagogue did.

It would appear that while our Jewish brothers and sisters in Stoughton have taken the words of Pope John Paul II as their own, the "Saint Benedict Center" in Richmond, New Hampshire has not.

Jewish People undermine public morality? Lord Jesus, have mercy on those who actually believe that.



Michael Cole said...

Beautiful words from our beloved John Paul II. May we all attempt to live up to them. We are all children of God. Mother Teresa knew this. Without watering down her faith or engaging in false irenicism or syncretism, she treated all people with dignity. She saw Jesus in every human person. May we do the same.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone who professes to be Catholic have such a prejudicial attitude toward the Jews? You would think in 21st century America, we would have dispensed with that silliness.

Marie Tremblay said...

Who was the Good Samaritan in this case, the SBC or the Chabad Synagogue? It's rather easy to see isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Russell Provost is reporting that the FBI and the New Hampshire State Police have both visited the SBC cult compound.

Sanctus Belle said...

For about 4 years I lived in St. Paul Minnesota. Unlike Minneapolis which has a great tendency to be "liberal and Protestant" St. Paul's culture is more conservative, with the two major religions being Catholicism and Judiaism. For years I marveled at the ease with which these two seemingly divergent faiths lived in harmony together. On your way to mass you could often see orthodox Jews in their hats and suits walking down the streets. There is a genuine affection between the two. We do indeed worship the same God.

Dale said...

St. Paul speaks of a mystery, that when the time of the Gentiles is fulfilled, the Jewish People will embrace the Lord Jesus as their Messiah. We are not to engage in coercion in their regard. Instead, we pray for that time when we will all pray together in spirit and in truth.

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