Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Gardner Police make arrest in Church vandalism case...

This is terrific news. The Gardner Police have done a wonderful job. Please let them know how grateful you are.

In a comment left here at La Salette Journey, Gardner Mayor Mark Hawke wrote, "The individual(s) responsible for this terrible act have been identified and one person is in now custody. It is reported on www.telegram.com if you would like to read about it. The Gardner Police Department should be commended for such a quick, thorough and well done investigation and arrest. Thank you GPD."

I think the Mayor should also be commended. This is a shining moment for Gardner. Let's turn it into a shining moment for the local Churches. Let's all extend forgiveness to this troubled young man. Let's try to understand what is driving his hatred. Let's pray that he will repent of these acts of vandalism and reconcile with God and those he has hurt.

As Christians, we are called to no less.



Anonymous said...

Excellent job GPD! Mr. Melanson, you are right to call upon Christians to forgive this youth. Hopefully he will get the help he needs. This is a sad story all around isn't it? Lord Jesus, forgive this youth. Soften his heart and return him to your love.

Anonymous said...

We should forgive him and pray for him. That kind of hatred is indicative of a person who is not at peace with himself and who feels powerless. While I believe he needs to serve jail time and to make restitution for the damages, I also think we need to forgive here. I already have.

Our Lady of Mercy, lead this teen to your Son Jesus. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Over at Mayor Hawke's Blog, I was severely criticized for suggesting that the City of Gardner form a task force to address religious hate crimes and/or the mindset which leads people to desecrate churches/synagogues and other houses of worship. You would hardly believe the hateful anti-Catholic rhetoric which is being spewed by some anonymous commenters.

Of course, such hatred only serves to provide evidence (even if only anecdotal) of the need for such a task force. There is much anti-religious hatred and bigotry out there.

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