Thursday, December 18, 2008

No wiggle room...

Father Ray Bourgeois, an American Maryknoll priest who advocates the ordination of women, will be excommunicated unless he renounces his stand. I was attacked by a La Salette priest for standing with the Church on this issue. Read here. This angry priest saw no problem with La Salette religious discussing the ordination of women to the ministerial priesthood (going so far as to suggest that there is "wiggle room" on the issue) and described such discussion as "casual speculation."

Wrong Father. It's disobedience. And I won't expect you to understand the difference.


Anonymous said...

That La Salette priest was wrong Paul. Maybe those La Salette religious should also be facing excommunication?

Anonymous said...

The Church's teaching excluding women from the priesthood is definitive and infallible. Those who reject it are no longer Catholic.

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