Monday, August 24, 2009

En Route to a New Global Spirit and a New World Order

In previous posts (see here and here for example), I have looked at the new humanitarian religion which is anti-supernatural and which must eliminate Christianity - and especially the Catholic Church - or at least overcome it, in preparation for the Man of Sin. Throughout the Church, priests, religious and laity are working for this Future Church of the New World Order. Many are calling openly for a "global spirit" which will radically change us for this new religion. Father Thomas A. Kane, CSP, who will be leading "Awakening the Faith Series" at La Salette Attleboro this Fall [October 6th, "What is Spirituality?" and October 13th, "Who is Jesus?"] has written, "Will a global spirit ever touch us so deeply as to reform radically our spirit?...Exaggerated individualism does not work in a developing new world order that is becoming more interdependent....For theological education, globalization means sensitivity and inclusivity.." Father Kane recommends "the feminist perspective" which, he asserts, "should also be included for exegetical study as another way of interpreting the text and for planning worship that is inclusive in language* and symbol." (see:

* See here for why this is problematic.


Ted Loiseau said...

So-called inclusive language is not only unsound but represents an attempt to politicize the Church. The La Salette Shrine continues to disappoint me with its silly agendas and its list of speakers and retreat leaders.


Derek said...

The above link will take you to the Christian Action Network, where it is explained that the Earth Charter, which seeks to effectively neutralize Christianity, will also ensure forced birth control, sterilization and abortion.

Marie Tremblay said...

Paul, keep up the great work here. I posted an article at the HCCNS forum relative to the Earth Charter. The link may be found here:

Anonymous said...

Concerning the Earth Charter:

Congratulations from Pope John Paul II to Mikhail Gorbachev for his work on the Earth Charter
By ECI Sec 1
Published 07/29/2008

Research into the Earth Charter archive revealed a historic greeting of Pope John Paul II to Mikhail Gorbachev, congratulating him on his work on the Earth Charter:

“To his Excellency Monsignor Angelo Comatri, Pontifical Delegate. Having been notified that Mr. Mikhail Gorbachev, the distinguished President of Green Cross International, is in Italy to present the project of the Earth Charter, the Supreme Pontiff requests your Excellency to express his satisfaction for a work well done in defending our environmental heritage, and to encourage this esteemed statesman’s meritorious effort to bring forth greater respect for the planet’s resources, given by God so that every person may live a dignified life. His Holiness sends his greeting and blessing.”

(Signed) Archbishop Leonardo Sandri, Sostituto, Secretariat of State, Vatican City State.” (Translation from original telegram sent by Archbishop Sandri on the occasion of Mr. Gorbachev’s presentation of the Earth Charter in Urbino, Italy on 2 July 2001.)

Ashley Pelletier said...

Pope John Paul II did not endorse the Earth Charter, contrary to what some proponents of the Earth Charter have alleged. Instead, the Holy Father has recommended an addition to the United Nations Charter of Human Rights. According to the Holy Father, "The right to a safe environment is ever more insistently presented today as a right that must be included in an updated Charter of Human Rights." In the 2003 Message for the World Day of Peace, the Holy Father warned us about the dangers of the type of global super-state envisioned by Charter proponents: "Is this not the time for all to work together for a new constitutional organization of the human family, truly capable of ensuring peace and harmony between peoples, as well as their integral development? But let there be no misunderstanding. This does not mean writing the constitution of a global super-State." (Emphasis added.) Sadly, the Pope's message has been widely misunderstood or ignored, particularly by a number of religious orders and institutions.

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