Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The coming economic collapse...

We have witnessed the Church being cleansed just as Jesus cleansed the Temple in His day. The Church has suffered much at the hands of those who have been within her bosom and yet, in their hearts, external to her pale (see Lumen Gentium 14).

Our Lord Jesus always begins with His Church. How much harder do you think He will be on those who reject Him and His Commandments?

For the time is, that
judgment should begin
at the house of God.
And if first at us, what
shall be the end of them
that believe not the
gospel of God?

- 1 Peter 4:17

Reflect very carefully on these words from Sacred Scripture.

Very carefully. The time is at hand.


Stewart said...

Our nation is too far gone now. Only the hand of God will be able to set things right now. America is facing its' disintegration, it's chastisement. As Our Blessed Mother told Fr. Gobbi, we have fashioned it with our own hands.

ACatholicinClinton said...

The Diocese of Worcester is struggling financially according to an article in this week's Catholic Free Press - the same edition which is promoting the "Diocesan Commission for Women," a disturbing organization with strange connections. It doesn't matter to Diocesan officials that Joyce Rupp is New Age or that Paula D'Arcy has worked closely with dissident priest Fr. Rolheiser (an out-of-control cleric who officiated at a lesbian "wedding") and who has promoted the occult New Age Labyrinth.

The Diocese is reaping the fruit of dissent. Something which started years ago as the clerical sex abuse scandals broke out into the open.

Michael Cole said...

Notice how the Bishop cites various factors which have affected "the financial health of the diocese" (too bad there is so little concern for the spiritual health of the diocese) but neglects to mention those factors which have contributed so much to decline: the clerical abuse scandals and dissent from Church teaching.

Talk about living in denial.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

To ACatholicinClinton,

Actually, it is Father Richard Rohr whom Paula D'Arcy has worked with. This link will take you to an article dealing with Father Rohr's strange theology and his bizarre ideology:

Paula D'Arcy is welcome in this Diocese. I am not because I defend the Church's teaching as expressed in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Even though we have a priest shortage, when I wrote the Diocese to inquire about the priesthood, I was totally ignored. No response.

Marian Catholics who really stand with the Church are ostracized.

Sanctus Belle said...

The only weapons with which we can defend ourselves are the sacraments, the rosary and blessed sacramentals, most importantly the scapular. We must arm ourselves with personal sanctity as steel plate, implacable against any temptation to deny the Catholic faith. Pray, pray for the grace of perserverence.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Pray and trust as the darkness envelops everything. Only with the help of od's grace will we be able to persevere. Words of wisdom Sanctus.

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