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" is the hour of decision for mankind."

The consciences of this beloved people must be violently shaken so that they may "put their house in order"… A great moment is approaching, a great day of light… it is the hour of decision for mankind. —Catholic mystic Maria Esperanza (1928-2004), Antichrist and the End Times by Fr. Joseph Iannuzzi in P. 37

Message # 502 to Fr. Gobbi Marian Movement of Priests

Milan (Italy); October 2, 1993, Feast of the Holy Guardian Angels; First Saturday

The Task of the Guardian Angels

Beloved children, on this first Saturday of the month, you are gathering together in cenacles to renew your consecration to my Immaculate Heart and to observe the liturgical memorial of your guardian angels. In the times of the great trial, I invite you to strengthen the bond which unites you to your guardian angels. They have a special and important task to carry out with regard to you, especially in these times.

--The guardian angels have above all the task of being a light upon your path. The days in which you are living are marked with a great darkness which is becoming ever more profound and widespread. It is the darkness of errors which encompasses the minds of men and which makes them victims of the great apostasy. It is the darkness of sins which obscures the beauty and holiness of the soul. It is the darkness of impurity which degrades the splendor of your body, called to reflect the glory of the living God. Thus, how many of my poor children are today living like shadows, submerged in the darkness of error, of sin and of impurity!

To your guardian angels has been entrusted the task of protecting you from the great darkness which surround you, to make you walk always in the light of truth, of holiness, of purity, of humility, of trust and of love.

--And secondly, the guardian angels have the task of being a defense for your life. How numerous and subtle are the snares which the wicked spirits set each day for you: these demons who have now been poured out over the world and who are working everywhere to lead souls to eternal damnation! Their activity has now become powerful, because it has become associated with the powers who have control over the mass media, such as the press and television. With subtle refinement, evil has been spread under the guise of good; sin, as an exercise of one's own freedom; and transgression of the Law of God, as a new conquest on the part of this poor and perverted humanity.

How strong and continuous are the attacks of the wicked spirits in striking you even in your physical life, by accidents, misfortunes, assaults, sicknesses, calamities, explosions of violence, wars and revolutions! To the guardian angels has been entrusted the task of protecting you against all these evils, of defending you against these snares, and of making you walk through life under their secure and powerful protection.

--And lastly, the guardian angels have the task of waging together with you one and the same battle to obtain the same victory. In the great trial which has now arrived, the fierce struggle between the Woman Clothed with the Sun and the Red Dragon, between the forces of good and evil, between Christ and the Antichrist, is becoming still stronger and more bloody.

It is a battle which is being waged above all at the level of the spirits: the good spirits against the wicked spirits, the angels against the demons, St. Michael the Archangel against Lucifer.

You are involved in this great struggle, which is immensely above and beyond you. And so you must be particularly close to those who are close to you in the great encounter, who have great power in this struggle, who assist you in fighting, and who lead you to certain victory.

Littlest of my children, entrust to the particular protection of your guardian angels the long and wearisome journey which you must undertake in a few days to Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, the Fiji Islands and New Zealand, in order to hold cenacles everywhere with the priests and faithful of my Movement.

I urge you all today to be more assiduous in prayer, stronger in your bond of unity and deeper in your affection with respect to these angels of light, who are being given to you by the Lord as your guardians and protectors.

Together with them all, I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

The winds of violent persecution are beginning to blow. The Reign of Antichrist will soon be upon us. The Hour of Mercy is fast coming to an end. Pray every day. Make use of the Sacraments. Holy Mass and the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Penance). Prepare for the catacombs.

As St. Pio used to say: Pray and trust.

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Michelle said...

An hour of decision and increasing apostasy. Things are occuring so fast now that it is astonishing.

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