Sunday, January 31, 2010

Homosexuality being imposed in Canada

"In December 2009 Quebec’s Minister of Justice and Attorney-General, Kathleen Weil, released a policy that assigns the government the task of eliminating all forms of 'homophobia' and 'heterosexism' from society—including the belief that homosexual activity is immoral. So get ready." - From the Catholic Insight article. Click on Blog post title for full article.

Professor James Hitchcock, in his excellent work entitled "Catholicism and Modernity" (New York: Seabury Press, 1979, p. 86), explains the role of the media in this entire process:"The media's alleged commitment to 'pluralism' is at base a kind of hoax. The banner of pluralism is raised in order to win toleration for new ideas as yet unacceptable to the majority. Once toleration has been achieved, public opinion is systematically manipulated first to enforce a status of equality between the old and the new, then to assert the superiority of the new over the old. A final stage is often the total discrediting, even sometimes the banning, of what had previously been orthodox."

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Elizabeth said...

The following text of Father Gabriel Amorth, chief exorcist of the Vatican, is taken from the March-April, 2003 issue of “Echo of Mary, Queen of Peace”:

The recent Apostolic Letter of John Paul II, "Rosarium Virginis Mariae" (released last October 16) encourages all Christians to turn back to the prayer strongly recommended both by the latest Pontiffs and recent Marian apparitions. Paul VI called the Rosary a compendium of the Gospel. To make it more complete, John Paul II added the 'mysteries of light' to cover Jesus' public life. Padre Pio called the Rosary beads a weapon of extraordinary power against Satan.

One day a colleague of mine heard the devil say during an exorcism: "Every Hail Mary is like a blow on my head. If Christians knew how powerful the Rosary was, it would be my end." The secret that makes this prayer so effective is that the Rosary is both prayer and meditation. It is addressed to the Father, to the Blessed Virgin, and to the Holy Trinity, and is a meditation centred on Christ.

Today more than ever, the world is in need of prayer and meditation. It is in need of prayer because people have forgotten God, and without God the world has put itself on the edge of a precipice. This is why in Her messages, Our Lady insists so much on prayer. Without God's help, Satan wins. The world is also in need of meditation because if the great Christian truths are forgotten, souls become void. This void is grabbed up by the enemy, and he fills it with his lies. And today we see the results with widespread belief in superstition and occultism.

The most obvious danger for our society today is the downfall of the family. The rhythm of today's world has broken the family unity. Little time is spent together, and even when the family is together, its members don't speak because the television speaks. Where are the families which recite the Rosary together in the evenings? Pope Pius XII insisted in his own time: “If you pray the Rosary together, you will experience peace in your families; you will get on together.” “The family that prays together, stays together,” would say Father Peyton, the untiring apostle of the family Rosary. “Satan wants war,” Mary said one day in Medjugorje. Well, the Rosary is the weapon which is able to guarantee peace for the world, because it is a prayer and a form of meditation able to transform hearts and defeat the enemy.


Now more than ever pray the family Rosary. The clouds are thickening. Persecution is about to be unleashed in a manner most just aren't prepared for.

Anonymous said...

"Catholic Blog dedicated toward Our Lady of La Salette: Reconciler of Sinners."

Gays need not apply...

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Not so anonymous. I know you want to claim victim status. But the truth of the matter is that it is the homosexual movement which has proven to be intolerant. The Church proposes while the world imposes.

Homosexuals need not apply for reconciliation? You are obviously not familar with the Church's teaching. The Catechism of the Catholic Church, No. 1422, teaches that, "Those who approach the sacrament of Penance obtain pardon from God's mercy for the offense committed against him, and are, at the same time, reconciled with the Church which they have wounded by their sins and which by charity, by example, and by prayer labors for their conversion."

Notice the wording here: "Those who approach the sacrament of Penance..obtain pardon."

If you have engaged in homosexual acts, I would encourage you to approach the Sacrament of Reconsiliation.

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