Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Who is Martha Coakley?

Courtesy of Mass Resistance:

"How horrible is Martha Coakley? Besides the hideous list of Coakley's positions and actions that we already published, we just dug up the keynote speech that Coakley -- as Massachusetts Attorney General -- gave at the fundraising dinner for the Massachusetts Gay and Lesbian Bar Association on May 11, 2007.

Coakley discussed her unwavering support for homosexual and transgender "rights" and her readiness to fight any challenges to the "legality" of same-sex "marriage".

(This despite the fact that the legislature STILL has not changed the statutes to enable same-sex couples to "marry", as instructed by the Supreme Judicial Court in 2003! See the homosexual lobby's pending bill here. What "law" is Attorney General Coakley upholding?)

Make no mistake about this: If you believe in traditional values, Martha Coakley really despises you.*

Here are some quotes from her speech:

On fighting challenges to same-sex "marriage":

". . . We also know that if the proposed [anti-gay marriage] amendment goes on the ballot, Massachusetts will spend the next year and a half besieged by anti-gay activists and will be the recipient of zealous rhetoric and invective from across the country. If that battle is necessary, you have my support."

On using the controversial Matthew Shepherd murder to push hate crime legislation and homosexual programs in the schools:

"Nine years after Matthew Shepard was left to die on a fence post in Wyoming, members of the GLBT community still remain at risk for discrimination in schools, employment and in places of public accommodation, as well as being targets of violent hate crimes.

"We cannot allow hate to occupy any legal space in Massachusetts. We cannot legislate hate away, but we can hold those accountable who act upon it and that's why it is important to develop and implement effective civil rights programs in our schools."

This is Martha Coakley's vision for America that she would bring to Washington, D.C.

Read the entire 2007 speech HERE."
* As does the Obama administration. See here.
Related reading on the Homosexual Hate Movement here.


Stewart said...

Martha Coakley is a virulent opponent of traditional family values and fiscal common sense.

Sam said...

Coakley's trip to Washington to receive assistance from powerful lobbyists says it all. She is an insider who will just maintain the status quo. Or as Limbaugh put it: she's a sock puppet for Washington liberals.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Martha Coakley would paint moral opposition toward homosexuality and same-sex "marriage" as "hate" (read her comments made to radical homosexual activists). But, as Robert Bork said in Slouching Towards Gomorrah: Modern Liberalism and American Decline, "Moral objection to homosexual practices is not the same thing as animus, unless all disapprovals based on morality are to be disallowed as mere animus. Modern liberalism tends to classify all moral distinctions it does not accept as hateful and invalid. Moral views about sexual practices are particularly suspect.." (p. 113).

This is one reason Martha Coakley is so dangerous. She would attempt to place all those whose opposition to homosexuality and same-sex "marriage" is rooted in Divine Revelation and/or Natural Law in a ghetto.

Jonathan said...

Wikipedia notes: "On July 8, 2009, Coakley filed a suit, challenging the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act. The suit claims that Congress 'overstepped its authority, undermined states' efforts to recognize marriages between same-sex couples, and codified an animus towards gay and lesbian people.'"

So you make an excellent point. Martha Coakley's argument that the Defense of Marriage Act "codified an animus" against homosexuals and lesbians is inherently flawed.

Eric Levan said...

According to Congressional Quarterly, the Democrats have just dumped $567,000 in support of the Democrat's far-left candidate in the Special Election for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts.

Big-money Washington liberals are spending enormous amounts to ensure a Coakley win. That's how much is at stake in this election.

Anonymous said...

Scott Brown to Win Senate Race by a Landslide:
New Social Media Polling Data Suggests Republican Scott Brown Will Defeat Democrat Martha Coakley
By Yeshim Deniz
Web 2.0: News Item
January 14, 201

WordStream, Inc., a provider of keyword research tools for search engine marketing, has published the latest results of its social media polling data, which indicate State Senator Scott Brown will defeat State Attorney General Martha Coakley in the Massachusetts special election on January 19, 2010, to serve in the 41st Senate seat of the United States.

Most polls for the Massachusetts US Senate show that candidates Brown and Coakley are engaged in a very tight political battle for the seat vacated by the late Senator Edward Kennedy. But the social media polling study conducted by WordStream suggests that it won't be a tight race at all, and that Scott Brown will beat Martha Coakley handily in a landslide victory.

"Being a search marketer who specializes in researching keywords, I decided to launch my own investigation to see if I could find out more information about the dynamics of this US Senate race based on internet marketing and social media metrics," said WordStream Founder and Vice President of Product Development Larry Kim. "The findings were staggering. The data suggests that conventional pollsters and Washington insiders have it completely wrong, and Brown is going to trounce Coakley."

Kim's research drew from the three major social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, as well as Alexa Ratings. Kim looked at the sites' user engagement metrics to compare the Internet presence of the two candidates. Compared to Martha Coakley's social presence, Brown's popularity in social media is far more pervasive with:

-- A 10:1 advantage over Coakley in terms of video content viewership on
-- A 4:1 edge in terms of number of fans on Facebook
-- More followers, more list appearances and far more buzz overall on

"The social media activity surrounding Brown clearly demonstrates the majority of social networkers favor Scott Brown over Martha Coakley," Kim explained. "Will this popularity translate into a victory for Brown next Tuesday at the polls? Only time will tell."

Yeshim Deniz is a Ulitzer blogger who writes about cloud computing, breaking news from Cloud Expo, and emerging technologies. She first started blogging in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. She broke the news on her blog about Condoleeza Rice's visit to Spamalot on Broadway as Katrina hit New Orleans. Yeshim was the first journalist to call for the resignation of the FEMA director, the day before Katrina hit New Orleans. She later helped to organize a "Change the Administration" march in Washington DC.

Marie Tremblay said...

If Coakley has her way, any moral opposition to homosexuality will be codified as "hate." Her agenda is to silence the Churches and Christians in general from defending traditional marriage and absolute moral values. A Coakley win would prove to be devastating for the common good.

Ellen Wironken said...

Obama's "Safe Schools" Czar, Kevin Jennings, is an admirer of a well-known advocate of pedophilia:

Given Coakley's support of same-sex "marriage" and her lawsuit against DOMA ( the Defense of Marriage Act) she no doubt would fit in nicely with Kevin Jennings and his crowd of out-of-touch Washington liberals who are opposed to traditional moral values and plain old decency.

Is this really what we want representing the State of Massachusetts?

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