Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"..the grandeur of this restoring and life-giving forgotten and even scorned by ungrategul men.."

"See and contemplate the grandeur of this restoring and life-giving Sacrament of Penance, so forgotten and even scorned by ungrateful men, who in their foolish madness, do not realize that it is the only sure means of salvation after one has lost his baptismal innocence. What is most grievous is that even the ministers of My Most Holy Son do not give to it the value that they should, viewing with cold indifference this valuable and precious treasure, which has been placed in their hands for the restoration of souls redeemed by the Blood of the Redeemer. There are those who consider hearing confession as a loss of time and a futile thing. O, alas! If priests were given to see directly that which you are now contemplating and were enlightened with the Light that now illuminates you, they would then recognize this gift!..." (Our Lady to Sister Marianne de Jesus Torres, Quito, Ecuador 1634).


Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Father Amorth is right. The Devil is behind the media attacks on our beloved Holy Father. The Adversary has used fallen priests to undermine the Church and has motivated others to unfairly attack the Church because some members of the Mystical Body of Christ have failed to live up to the Gospel. More than ever, we must all have recourse to the Sacrament of Reconciliation, which Our Lady has said is "a remedy for the West."

Or, do we prefer to argue with Jesus' Mother?

asia said...

Purify your hearts in the Sacrament of Reconcilliation. Those who accuse the call of the Church to repentance as coming from a "repressive" mentality, are lying. Sacramental Confession is not a repression but a liberation. by Pope John Paul ll

Amanda said...

I like this: "Reconciliation refers to that precise effect of Christ's redemption of the human race by His sacrificial death on the Cross which restores our relationship with God and breaks down the barriers of sin which prevent us from engaging in authentic relationships with others."

Peace of Christ!

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Asia, well said indeed. Thank you Amanda for your kind note. God bless you both.

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