Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Has Barn2066 (AKA BAM) finally revealed his identity?

For several years now, an anonymous individual referring to himself as "Barn2066" and also as "BAM" has left comments - or has attempted to do so - at this Blog and other Catholic Blogs covering the moral and intellectual meltdown in the Boston Archdiocese.  This disturbed individual has accused me repeatedly of being a "self-loathing homosexual" because I both promote and defend the Church's authentic teaching (as expressed in the Catechism of the Catholic Church and Vatican documents) regarding the sinfulness of homosexual acts as well as the intrinsically disordered nature of the homosexual orientation.  He has also defended the Boston Archdiocese's decision to allow students whose parents are homosexual into Catholic schools.  Many of his comments have been graphic in nature, some of them referring to his semen as "love cream."  Another made specific reference to my Facebook profile.

This angry and potentially violent individual (in my opinion, based upon some of the bizarre comments which have been left here) may have finally revealed his true identity.  One which has had Catholic bloggers curious for some time.  Last August, Catholic blogger Carol McKinley left the following comment at this Blog:

"Hi Paul,

Remember the commenter BAM or something like that who was posting from Rhode Island and one other place up here in Massachusetts?

I remember once posting the IP addresses and need to hunt those down.

By any chance, if you have those IP addresses, would you please contact me?


Nice work covering the Boston situation."

And I replied:

"I'll check Carol. The commenter harassing me has largely gone by the name Barn2066. I know I wrote the IP Address down in a notebook. I will look for it and get back to you via your Blog.

Keep up the great work at TTBO in 2010.

Peace of Christ!"

See this post for Carol's comment and my response.

Now an individual whose name is Bernie McMahon has sent me a brief message on Facebook.  This message reads, "You are one hot stud."  I have not, of course, responded to this bizarre message and will not be doing so.  But I did check this person's profile.  It turns out Mr. McMahon works for the Rinet Company, LLC in Boston.  His profile also mentions an address in Rhode Island and says that he was educated at Lasalle Academy and the University of Notre Dame (class of 1965; Accountancy).

Bernard McMahon.  It will not be lost on astute readers of this Blog that "Barn" is an abbreviated form of Barney or Bernard.  Remember Don Knotts as the character Barney Fife on The Andy Griffith Show referring to himself as "Barn"?  And BAM - Bernard McMahon? 

There are angry souls out there who take exception to Catholic bloggers exposing the dissent, the immorality and the spiritual meltdown which has infected the Boston Archdiocese as a plague.  But angry and anonymous comments will not deter us.  We will not be intimidated by such cheap tactics.

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Wendy said...

I've read some of his sick and twisted comments left at various Catholic blogs. They represent the face of the demonic.

Anonymous said...

Carol mentions BAM here:

ACatholicinClinton said...

One has to wonder what exactly Barn2066's relationship is with the Archdiocese of Boston. Does anyone know? Why is this homosexual activist so eager to defend the Archdiocese? Wouldn't that in itself suggest something about the Church in Boston?

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

BAM from Rhode Island? There is a listing for a Bernard A. McMahon living in Barrington, Rhode Island.

The Facebook profile of the Bernie McMahon who left me a message lists Barrington Rhode Island as his hometown.

Bernard A. McMahon....BAM.

Anonymous said...

Nice work!

He must have been drunk to be so sloppy?

You might want to compose a post with all of his remarks and call it Bernard McMahon Rinet, LLC so that is what people will find when they google his name and then send the link to his COO, CFO and who ever else's emails you can find from the company. Be sure to add the facebook message - print it off and scan it - and say if you ever hear from this nutjob again, you'll be calling a lawyer.

When you copy his posts, be sure to copy the date and time stamp.

You may want to call a lawyer anyway, start off with a restraining order.

If you have anything from statcounter that recorded his visits and posts while he was on the clock at Rinet, all the better. Not to worry if you don't, Rinet will have the records of his visits that your lawyer will be able to obtain from the IT department.

Susan Goguen said...

The Lavender Mafia in the Boston area is rather extensive. But then we know this already don't we? Oppose this movement and you will face much opposition. But Christ and His truth are stronger.

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