Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fitchburg's Mayor Lisa Wong Only Sees What She Wants To See

Fitchburg's Mayor Lisa Wong, who was so instrumental in bringing Planned Parenthood to Fitchburg, has gone on record in the past as saying that she would like to see more interaction between Planned Parenthood and the public.  Ms. Wong's support for Planned Parenthood is, of course, gravely disturbing.  For, as Bishop Charles V. Grahmann, DD has said, "Anyone who supports, belongs to, or sits on Boards of Directors of Planned Parenthood are promoting the legacy of Margaret Sanger which is the outline for Nazi Germany's 'human weeds and genetically inferior races.'"

As I noted in a previous post, "Planned Parenthood is virulently anti-life and anti-Christian. In one pamphlet, Planned Parenthood says: "In every generation there exists a group of people so filled with bigotry and self-righteousness that they will resort to any means - even violence - to impose their views on society. Today, such fanatics dominate a movement ironically called 'the Right-to-Life,' a movement which threatens the most basic of all human rights."

And, as Dr & Mrs. Willke explain, "Planned Parenthood has promoted a pro-abortion 'comic book,' geared for teenagers, entitled Abortion Eve. On the back cover is a caricature of the 'Assumption of the Blessed Virgin' depicting a pregnant Mary with the idiot face of Mad Magazine's Alfred E. Neumann. The caption says, 'What, me worry?'" (p. 343).

Don Weintraub, Vice President for International Affairs of PPFA, has admitted that, "Planned Parenthood is not just a social or medical service agency. It is part of a cause, a movement.." (March 12, 1985). And what is the driving force behind this movement? Racism, eugenics and the destruction of Christian morality. See here.

Margaret Sanger, the Founder of Planned Parenthood, was a prominent proponent of eugenics and forced sterilization. See here. She approved of Hitler's forced sterilization program. (See "Into the Darkness, Nazi Germany Today," by L. Stoddard, p. 196). Go here to learn more about Margaret Sanger by reading her own words."

Any decent person would therefore view Mayor Wong's promotion of and support for Planned Parenthood as both a disappointment and a failure [to uphold the common good].  And yet, Fitchburg's Mayor is proud of her record [in a city which the television program Chronicle compared to Appalachia because of its serious economic problems].  In an article entitled "Fitchburg mayoral candidates face off in forum," (August 30, 2011 edition of the Sentinel & Enterprise), Mayor Wong, responding to a rumor that she does not live in Fitchburg [she actually does], asserted that this rumor "comes from people who want to criticize her, but can't find anything of substance." (p. 2).

Apparently Mayor Wong only sees what she wants to see.  Presiding over a city in economic turmoil, she has given her endorsement to an organization which is Christianophobic and which dedicates itself to killing the unborn for profit.   It was Pope John Paul II, in a homily given at the Capitol Mall in Washington, D.C., on November 5, 1979, who said that, "All human life - from the moment of conception and through all subsequent stages - is sacred, because human life is created in the image and likeness of God.  Nothing surpasses the greatness or dignity of a human person.  Human life is not just an idea or an abstraction; human life is the concrete reality of a being that lives, that acts, that grows and develops; human life is the concrete reality of a being that is capable of love, and of service to humanity."

Unfortunately Mayor Wong cannot see this concrete reality.  She only sees what she wants to see. 


Ashley Pelletier said...

Mayor Wong has been a gross failure. Things have only gotten worse in Fitchburg since she took the helm of this troubled city. But the fact that she brought PP to the city is the greatest disappointment of all. I pray that voters make their voice heard and remove this sad woman from her office. Fitchburg deserves better. When it comes time to vote, remember too how certain City Council members - like Kevin Starr - attempted to stifle Christians and other pro-lifers from being heard during meetings discussing PP opening an office here.

Elizabeth said...

I live in Fitchburg. I work in Boston. Fitchburg is an absolute economic disaster area. I grew up here and have roots here. Which is the principal reason for my remaining here. But for Wong to suggest that her administration has been a success is just too muc for me. Homes are being foreclosed left and right. They are being boarded up. Cleghorn has been largely forgotten or abandoned altogether. Jobs are scarce, more so than in many other areas. Businesses have been boarded up. Main street has its problems. We've seen an increase in violent crime. Our roads are like the surface of the moon. Street lights anyone?

Any small improvement downtown has been because of federal dollars and not because of our narrow-minded mayor.

A success? God help us!

St.Bernard'sGal said...

Mayor Wong is a divider, not a unifier. She has introduced a divisive, culture-of-death agenda into Fitchburg politics which couldn't have come at aworse time. She has demonstrated a blatant disregard for truth and for the views of area Catholics and Protestants who believe that human life is sacred and inviolable. Vote her out of office Fitchburg!

Joyce said...

I live in Townsend but I stopped buying the Sentinel because of its bias against Christians and the pro-life worldview. When the paper published Bonnie Toomey's homosexual propaganda a while back - on Easter Sunday - I wasn't surprised. Why won't they publish a column written from the Catholic perspective and loyal to the Magisterium? I think we all know the answer.

Joyce said...

I almost forgot to mention....if the S & E isn't biased, if it's really open to the truth, why doesn't it take a hard look at Planned Parenthood's racist ideology and anti-Catholicism? Isn't the paper concerned that Mayor Wong supports a racist and anti-Catholic organization?

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