Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What the anti-Catholic protesters in Madrid don't want you to know: World Youth Day was an economic boon for Madrid

As this article notes, anti-Catholic protesters took to the streets of Madrid and clashed with police, complaining about the 73 million dollare price tag of the Holy Father's visit and World Youth Day celebrations.  Of course, the same anti-Catholic bigots have nothing to say about the 230 million that WYD has brought into Madrid. 

I view that as a net of 157 million for Madrid.

It is easy to see what drives such complaints.  Protesters in Madrid were overheard chanting, "We are not the Pope's youth," "I am a sinner, sinner, sinner" and "Nazi, nazi," a hateful reference to Pope Benedict XVI having been an unwilling participant in the Hitler Youth movement.

Anti-Catholic protesters may not be honest.  But they are at least consistent in their tactics.  Remember the Holy Father's visit to England last year?  Anti-Catholic bigots there were suddenly concerned about the British taxpayer.

If you doubt that hatred is what drove the protests in Madrid, view these pictures and then we'll talk.


Michael Cole said...

Like their British counterparts, these rabid anti-Catholic ideologues are not interested in truth. And they will do anything to stifle honest and respectful dialogue. Even resort to violence. Pray for them!

Ashley Pelletier said...

Those photos are really just shameful. Whoever said that anti-Catholicism is the last acceptable bias sure knew what he/she was talking about. Absolutely disgusting. Thanks for making us aware of this Paul.

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