Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What is going on at Saint Joseph's Parish in Fitchburg?

The Sentinel & Enterprise is reporting that, "Residents living near St. Joseph Church on Woodland Street expressed shock Tuesday after hearing that a priest who had served at the parish has been charged with possessing child pornography and stealing from the church.  The Rev. Lowe Dongor received a summons to Fitchburg District Court on Friday and was arraigned Monday on charges of larceny over $250, larceny from a building, and having child pornography in his possession."

The article goes on to explain that Fr. Dongor, age 35, "..was put on leave in July, at which time he was assigned to reside at the Holy Name of Jesus House of Studies in Worcester, which houses college-age men who are thinking about entering the priesthood."  Isn't that nice.  Images depicting young girls, approximately 10 to 11 years of age, in various stages of nudity, were found on Fr. Dongor's computers.  "In addition," the Sentinel & Enterprise reports, "many of the pictures depicted a chest and genitals prominently displayed."

So what does the Diocese do?  It houses Fr. Dongor at a house of studies which serves as the home for young men who are discerning a priestly vocation. 

According to the Sentinel & Enterprise, "Deacon Jim Couture declined to comment on the matter."  This doesn't exactly surprise me.  This is the same deacon who has promoted the work of Father John Powell, S.J. in the past.  See here.

What is going on at St. Joseph's Parish in Fitchburg?

I'm beginning to understand why the "leadership" at St. Joseph's Parish didn't want me around and excluded me from participation in parish ministry.


Samantha said...

I see that the pastor, Fr. Trainor, also had no comment. Interesting.

Parishioner1964 said...

Or Fitchburg for that matter. The church there is in spiritual crisis.

Ronald said...

Perhaps the computers of ALL the "pastoral" staff at St. Joe's should be examined? Did Fr. Hughes know about this? Fr. Trainor? Deacon Jim? Retired Deacon Bob Leger?

The Sentinel article says that Fr. Dongor had three computers. When he was downloading child porn, no one else at the rectory was even remotely suspicious?

Possible I guess. But still disturbing.

Ashley Pelletier said...

And so we can better understand why so many priests no longer preach on sin and the need for repentance and metanoia (conversion). Many have lost the faith. Many are living heinous lives. The diabolical disorientation Sister Lucia spoke of is in full swing. Many souls are being lost in this now generalized apostasy.

Anonymous said...

There is no comment because the staff at the parish do not feel they are accountable to the people. They are arrogant. Puffed up with pride.

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