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Would the Diocese of Bathurst, New Brunswick classify Pope Benedict XVI's comments as lacking "pastoral sensitivity"?

By now you've probably heard or read about Father Donat Gionet, a member of the Eudist Fathers who was suspended by the Diocese of Bathurst, New Brunswick for denouncing abortion and homosexual behavior.  Father Wesley Wade, the diocese's vicar general, told Radio-Canada that Fr. Gionet's comments were consistent with Church teaching, but lacked the proper "pastoral sensitivity."  See here.

This begs the question: Would Father Wade and his Bishop Valery Vienneau classify Pope Benedict XVI's remarks about abortion and same-sex "marriage," spoken while on a visit to Portugal last year, as lacking "pastoral sensitivity"?  For Pope Benedict XVI, courageous champion of truth that he is, referred to abortion and same-sex "marriage" as being "among the most insidious and dangerous challenges" to society.  See here.

But then the Holy Father was also critical of Catholics who are ashamed of their faith and too willing to "lend a hand to secularism."  Is that not the case here?  Dr. Dietrich von Hildebrand, in his classic work Trojan Horse in the City of God, explains that, "..even some Catholics who experience the exclusivity of truth as liberating and who are not tempted to revolt against its alleged infringement on their freedom believe that the fight against error is uncharitable.  The anathema of the Holy Church seems to them hard and inhuman.  They have forgotten the admirable dictum of St. Augustine, 'Kill the error; love the one who errs.'  They are unwilling to accept the idea that the killing of error is inseperable from love for the one who errs.  Their false irenicism makes them blind to the glorious character of the anathema when spoken by the infallible Church...It should not be forgotten that the words of St. Augustine apply not only to the anathema which is reserved exclusively to the infallible magisterium of the Church; they also imply that everyone should be eager to help liberate his neighbor from error...When, out of a confused notion of charity, a soft-heartedness, or a superficial benevolence, we believe that we should leave the erring person in his error, we have ceased to take him seriously as a person and have no interest in his objective good." (Trojan Horse in the City of God, pp. 200-202).

Bishop Vienneau has described Fr. Gionet's comments as "divisive."  But again, as Dr. Hildebrand explains: "False irenicism is motivated by a misconceived charity at the service of a meaningless unity.  It places unity above truth.  Having severed the essential link between charity and defense of the truth, irenicism is more concerned with reaching a unity with all men than with leading them to Christ and His eternal truth.  It ignores the fact that real unity can be reached only in truth.  Our Lord's prayer 'that they may be one' (John 17:11)  implies being one in Him and must not be seperated from His words in John: 'And other sheep I have that are not of this fold.  Them also I must bring and they shall hear my voice.  And there shall be one fold and one shepherd.' (John 10:16)." (p. 203).

The Diocese of Bathurst has had its problems with priests who were homosexual predators.  See here.  One of these priests was Father Levi Noel, who was sentenced to eight years in prison in January of 2010 for 22 sex-related charges involving 18 boys.  See here.  I have not been able to find any public statement from Church officials in Bathurst accusing these homosexual predators of being "pastorally insensitive" or as being guilty of "dividing the community."

But those accusations are hurled against a faithful priest whose comments were, by the vicar general's own admission, "consistent with Church teaching."

You'll have to excuse me at this point.  I have to go vomit.

Related reading: Homosexual activists are already using Fr. Gionet's suspension for propaganda purposes.


Ellen Wironken said...

If it's the truth which sets us free (John 8:32), why was Fr. Gionet suspended? Was Jesus being "pastorally insensitive" when He threatened His listeners with Hell? When He referred to the Pharisees as a "brood of vipers" or "white-washed tombs"? When Saint Paul says in Galatians 1,referring to those who bring "another gospel," "may they be anathema" - or condemned to Hell - was he being "pastorally insensitive" and "divisive"?

We have got to leave political correctness behind in the Church. A watered-down gospel has no appeal.

Jennifer Goguen said...

The LifeSiteNews article explains that, "In an open letter Thursday, Fr. Gionet laments that the diocese did not give him an opportunity to explain himself before suspending him.

'To you, the diocesan authorities: did you ask me what I said exactly during the homily in question?' the priest asks. 'They did not, but only listened to people who are frustrated.'

When asked if he would continue making similar comments, he says he can only respond 'yes.' 'And if they asked me about the homily, in its entirety, I could not say ‘no’ because for me it is important to speak the truth,' he insists.

He explained that in the August homily he noted that while 'the gates of hell' seek to destroy the Church, it is, in fact, Catholics who 'destroy our Church' today. He pointed to the high number of abortions among Catholics and the presence of homosexuality in the Church. He emphasized that cohabitating couples and homosexuals ought not to receive the Eucharist, but are still welcome to join the Church at Mass.

'After these reflections, there were no other allusions whatsoever,' he says, adding that in the homily he went on to speak of the power of forgiveness offered through the Church."

And for this Bishop Vienneau suspended him? God save our Church. The gates of hell are really straining to bring it down now.

Anonymous said...

Like I said, the church is being queered. We will continue to work until doctrine is changed and your church conforms to our modern world. Your ideas just don't fit anymore. In this 21st century, sin has been abolished. And there is liberation to be found in new age queer theology.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

The persecution against Christians who remain faithful to Jesus, His Church and Gospel truth is now intensifying.

Relevant article may be found here:

Amanda said...

Scott Lively is warning that we better take a stand now against homosexuality because the battle is almost lost.

Derek said...

Britain's most prominent pro-family attorney, Barrister Paul Diamond, describes how desperate the situation is in the UK...


jac said...

This poor Fr Gionet looks so modest, kind and sympathetic. I felt obliged to send an e-mail message to his bishop which was harsh though respectful.
What is the more charitable:
1/ Rebuking your brother who has a sinful life that puts his eternal salvation at risk
2/ Lovingly welcoming his sinful habits since "you are OK, I'm OK" or "don't judge and you will not be judged", not bothering that he might end in Hell forever?
The problem is that after the council VATII those who believe that Hell exists look like retrograde and outdated guys.
"Hell is paved with bishop's skulls"

Derek said...

Bishop Vienneau doesn't care for souls. Not really. And he will answer to the Lord Jesus for his spiritual neglect of souls.

jac said...

Anonymous, please stop rambling, we have understood your agenda, you are a bit boring.
And go to read "AA-1025: The Memoirs of an Anti-Apostle"
The genial plot you claim you have concocted in your genial brain was scheduled since long in 1960.

SisterTemptation said...

Now military gay weddings...



SisterTemptation said...

Jac....I hear the desperation in your


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