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The Catholic Free Press promotes New Age Advocate Joyce Rupp

The basic credo of the New Age Movement, which looks to usher in a New World Order, is that a person creates their own reality according to what feels right for them. For example, a person may choose to be homosexual, bisexual, monogamous or polygamous and it's "okay" as long as it's "right for me." A person may choose whether or not to have an abortion. And so on. Of course, this is nonsense. For, as Dr. Dietrich von Hildebrand reminds us, "The truth of a proposition is essentially objective; a truth which as such would be valid for one person only is a contradiction in terms. A proposition is true or false, but it can never be true for one person and false for another." (The New Tower of Babel: Modern Man's Flight from God, pp. 57-58).

This New Age relativism is promoted by the Worcester Commission for Women [Diocese of Worcester, Massachusetts]. The Commission for Women has had Sister Joyce Rupp as a guest speaker at its "Gather Us In" Conference and their website links to her website.  The Commission for Women also published a prayer by this New Age advocate in which she said, "We will make choices and decisions in 2010 of how we create our reality" while praying that we will all "..let go of aversion and avoidance of the unwanted" so that we will, "welcome people and events disturbing [our] comfort zone."

In a previous post, I noted how Sister Rupp, a self-proclaimed spiritual midwife who feels that she resonates with mystical islamic sufism, has extolled New-Ageism as valuable and claims to have stretched herself "beyond the safe world of heterosexuality" while attending a "gathering of lesbians." And this certainly explains what she means when she prays that we "let go of aversion and avoidance of the unwanted." In an interview with US Catholic (April 2000), Sister Joyce Rupp said that, "In many ways, New Age has become the new enemy. That's unfortunate because some things about New Age are valuable...I think some Church people are envious about New Age, because it does draw people toward spiritual growth."

Johnette Benkovic, at her website Women of Grace, writes:

We have received several questions regarding the orthodoxy of a Servite nun and author named Joyce Rupp who is a popular speaker on the Catholic retreat circuit these days. The following information should prove helpful.

There are some very serious issues with Sr. Rupp.

Let’s begin with her authorship of several books about a quasi-divine entity named Sophia, which she describes in her article “Desperately Seeking Sophia” as being “another word for the radiant presence of the Holy One.” Sophia is supposedly derived from the Greek translation of the word “wisdom” in Scripture – which is Hagia Sophia.

Rupp treats Sophia as a kind of goddess of inner wisdom in her books, and even admits to struggling with the question of whether or not Sophia is Divine. Apparently, she never really answers that question for herself because although she refers to Sophia as another name for God, she treats this “person” as someone we’re supposed to discover, open ourselves to, pray to and turn to for all our needs in life – sort of like what most of us do with God.

“I count on Sophia to influence my attitudes, values, and beliefs, to help me make good choices and decisions,” she writes. “I pray to her each day to guide me as I try to reflect her love in all I am and all I do. Whenever I am in doubt as to how to proceed in my work and relationships, I turn to Sophia for wisdom and courage. She has never failed to be there for me.”

This very troublesome presentation of God, which could easily lead those of weak faith into idolatry, comes from Rupp’s own dislike of Church hierarchy, something she does nothing to hide. For instance, in a Dec. 2008 interview with the National Catholic Reporter, she said that the reason her retreats are attended by mostly women is because “Women haven’t trusted their own spiritual experiences because the church for so long told them, and all of us, what to do and how to act.”

That she is heavily invested in the New Age is beyond doubt. First, it should be noted that she holds a degree in transpersonal psychology from the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto, California. The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology describes transpersonal psychology as “the study of humanity’s highest potential, and with the recognition, understanding, and realization of unitive, spiritual, and transcendent states of consciousness” (Lajoie and Shapiro, 1992:91).

If this definition sounds a bit “iffy” – it is! Transpersonal psychology, which attempts to bridge the gap between science and spirituality, has received no serious recognition from the scientific community and was described by the authors of the Pontifical document, “Jesus Christ the Bearer of the Water of Life” as “the classic approach to the New Age.”

It’s interesting to note that the Institute where Sr. Rupp received this “prestigious” degree also offers classes in shamanism, the goddess, ESP and Eastern spirituality.

Evidence of Rupp’s involvement in the New Age becomes even more apparent when visiting the website of the retreat center she founded along with Sr. Margaret Stratman, known as the Servite Center of Compassion. Located in Omaha, it offers courses in Tai Chi, the Enneagram, yoga, and dreamwork.

Sr. Rupp is also known to speak at conferences where occult practices are featured, such as the 27th Annual Women and Spirituality Conference that was held in 2008 at the Minnesota State University-Mankato. During this conference, classes were offered in tarot, astrology, communicating with the dead, yoga and psychic powers.

That Rupp will surely introduce retreatants to the syncretism in which she freely indulges is evident in an interview that appears on her website: “I am in tune with a lot from Native American spirituality, partly because of the way it connects with nature. I also like it because it brings the body into prayer, for example, standing and praying toward the four directions [a pagan ritual]. I’ve also learned a lot from the Buddhist perspective about compassion, and it has greatly enhanced my Christian compassion. And I resonate with the Sufi tradition, the mystical branch of Islam. I find that it connects very much with the Roman Catholic mystical tradition of lover and beloved. The Sufis started the Dances of Universal Peace, which have been very important in my spiritual life. They are simple movements with prayers from different traditions that are chanted and danced in a circle. I find that very compelling and a wonderful way to connect with people. From Buddhism, I value the practice of mindfulness, being aware and present to the moment.”

There’s a lot more that could be written about Sr. Rupp, but I think this is enough to give you a good enough idea of who she is."  (Post may be found here).

It is enough if you are a person of good will who is interested in meeting the demands of truth.  It is enough if you are authentically Catholic as opposed to being such in name only.  However, the Commission for Women, which seeks to promote confusion and dissent, is still promoting this New Age advocate and angry feminist and The Catholic Free Press, the official newspaper of the Worcester Diocese, continues to assist the Commission for Women in this violent endeavour.

On page 8 of this week's edition of the CFP, in the Diocesan Calendar, we read that: "The diiocesan Commission for Women will present Sister Joyce Rupp in a day-long retreat for women with the theme 'The Gift of Self-Compassion' on September 29 from 9 a.m. -3 p.m. in St. Anne's Parish Hall, 130 Boston Tpke. in Shrewsbury."  The listing mentions that Sister Rupp is a member of the Servites but says nothing about her bizarre New Age beliefs or her dislike of the Church's hierarchy.

Several years ago I tried to get The Catholic Free Press to list a Marian Movement of Priests Cenacle in the Diocesan Calendar of Events.  I was not successful.  Margaret Russell, the paper's editor, denied my request.  And yet, Ms. Russell apparently has no problem whatsoever with promoting an event featuring a New Age advocate whose views are hardly consistent with Catholic teaching and spirituality.

How sad.

More on Joyce Rupp here.


Wendy said...

What a nice message Rupp is serving up to Catholic women: embrace Godess Sophia, leave the safe world of heterosexuality and join the dance of lesbianism and pagan spirituality....good stuff!

And how is this Catholic again?

ShrewsburyCatholic said...

We all need to pray for the Worcester Diocese and especially for the people who produce the CFP. Any publication which purports to be Catholic while promoting this sort of nonsense is not being honest with itself or to its readership.

Margaret Russell has failed to provide us with a sound Catholic newspaper. I think it's time for her to go.

HolyCross2011 said...

On the front page of the CFP, Sister Mary Ann Bartell is pictured providing Fr. Robert E. Kelley with loving medical care.

Too bad his victims haven't been treated with the same level of care and compassion. Kathleen Shaw, writing for the Worcester Telegram & Gazette, reports that, "The Rev. Robert E. Kelley admitted in a sworn deposition that he sexually molested '50 to 100' young girls while he was an associate pastor to St. Cecilia's parish in Leominster from 1976 to 1983.

Rev. Kelley, who on Monday was charged with rape for the second time, also said under oath that he had molested several other girls during his tenure at parishes in Southbridge, Lunenburg and Gardner.

The lengthy deposition, a copy of which was obtained this week by the Telegram & Gazette, was made in 1996 while Rev. Kelley was still serving a prison sentence for his 1990 conviction for raping a young girl in Gardner. The deposition was for a civil lawsuit filed on behalf of a woman who said the priest had sexually abused her when she was a young girl living in Southbridge.

The lawsuit was settled out of court and Rev. Kelley's deposition had never been made public until this week. The priest has been on leave from the Catholic Diocese of Worcester since 1985, but it is noted in the deposition that the diocese continued to send him monthly checks, generally ranging from $500 to $700 per month, although one month he received $7.

Asked by the lawyer for the plaintiff to estimate how many girls he had molested while serving at St. Cecilia's, he responded: 'All right. So I would say ... 50 to 100 -- 50 to 100 to the best of my recollection as of right now.' He said some of the sexual abuse occurred inside the church, but mostly elsewhere...He also acknowledges having molested the young daughter of a friend. He said the father came to Bridgewater State Hospital, where he was being treated in a program for sexual offenders, and confronted him about the molestation.

The priest also admitted molesting three girls in Lunenburg.."

That's the Diocese of Worcester for you.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Back in the mid 1990's I was living in Gardner, Massachusetts. At that time, Fr. Kelley was credibly accused of abusing a young girl from that town. Almost immediately, more than 100 priests from the Diocese signed a letter of support for the accused priest which was published in the Worcester Telegram & Gazette. I wrote a letter to the Editor of The Gardner News in support of the victim and her family. It was published and I was denounced at my parish. I was called "sick." One fellow parishioner even asked me why I was getting involved and if I knew the victim. I couldn't help but think of the reply which Cain gave to God when asked about the whereabouts of his brother Abel whom he had murdered: "I know not: am I my brother's keeper?" (Genesis 4:9).

The answer to that question, of course, is yes.

I submitted the letter to the Telegram & Gazette but it never saw the light of day.

We must always stand on the side of truth. Even, and especially when, it is "out of season."

Anonymous said...

I see that Fr. Kelley's care is paid for by Partners in Charity. So let's get this straight, the diocese wants my hard-earned dollars to provide for a priest who serially-raped young girls?

I find this just....outrageous.

jac said...

The Vatican has spent so much time without reacting that the fish is already rotten.
The nun began giving up their religious dress in the early seventies without shame, no wonder that they would give up their faith shortly after. Right now they are in the open rebellion’s stage. Next step: The schism.

Anonymous said...

The Archdiocese of Boston has sponsored a 3 year program called Arise. Arise is a program from Renew International. It is full of Wiccan, Protestant, New Age, blah, blah..., but disguised to sound Catholic to those with a undeveloped faith. I went to the first and second sessions (year one), and when we wrote messages on paper and then threw them in the water, it was reminiscent of the Prayer to the 4 Directions that I had read about.
Another thing about Arise, it was extremely boring.
The Archdiocese of Boston continues to promote a new Renew progrma called "Why Catholic?". On the surface, it does not sound bad, but considering the source, I would steer clear of it.
If you hear of Arise coming to Worcester, raise your objections.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Thank you for this information anonymous. I will have to look into this further. The days are definitely growing very dark.

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