Monday, April 15, 2013

Obama's birth certificate is no longer necessary

We no longer need Barack Obama's birth certificate.  As this article explains.  So many have been blind to the truth because the world is ready for falsehood and the emerging Man of Sin.  Before his election to the White House, Elle Associate Publisher Samantha Fennell gushed: "Barack Obama must be elected President of the United States. It’s his worldview, his clarity of judgment, and his just plain right-mindedness that resonate with me. Figuring that my efforts were best spent raising money for the campaign, I have thrown myself into a new world—one in which fluffy chatter and frivolous praise are replaced by a get-to-the-point directness and disciple-like devotion. It’s intense and intoxicating.... I have to confess I felt a certain shame that the dress I wore—a bright-red Prada number from next season that my former boss, Carol, insisted I buy the day before—cost more than the $1,000 ticket to the event itself. ... How this paid off I’ll share in a moment...I was on my feet as Senator Obama entered the room. Fate had blessed me in this moment, as I realized that the aisle that was keeping me from my seat was created for him and his secret service escort to make their way to the stage. Within seconds, he was a few feet from me. Cameras were flashing, everyone was cheering, and I knew this was my moment. I pushed my way up to the barricade as he shook hands with as many people as time would allow. I squeezed up front, but Obama was moving quickly and just passed me by. Then, in a moment of divine intervention, he saw me, clad in my red stop-sign of a dress, back-tracked ever so slightly in his procession, grabbed my hand, and gave that brilliant smile of his. I literally said out loud to the woman next to me who witnessed my good fate, "I’ll never wash this hand again." (July 2008).

Dinesh Sharma said, "Many even see in Obama a messiah-like figure, a great soul, and some affectionately call him Mahatma Obama."  Daily Kos reported, "Does it not feel as if some special hand is guiding Obama on his journey, I mean, as he has said, the utter improbability of it all?"  Toni Morrison said, "[Obama is] creative imagination which coupled with brilliance equals wisdom...[He is] the man for this time." And Oprah Winfrey asserted that, "We're here to evolve to a higher plane...he is our evolved leader...[he] has an ear for eloquence and a Tongue dipped in the Unvarnished Truth."

The "evolved leader" is a manchurian candidate doing his part to prepare this country for the Man of Sin.  His tongue is not dipped in unvarnished truth but in falsehood.

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