Friday, December 05, 2014

Cleghorn Neighborhood Center/United Neighbors of Fitchburg: Partners in Sin

The Cleghorn Neighborhood Center/United Neighbors of Fitchburg, See here, has received CCHD monies which have been funneled toward the promotion of abortion, contraception and same-sex "marriage."

The United Neighbors of Fitchburg lists the following individuals, groups and organizations as its supporters.  Some, like Mayor Lisa Wong, are hardly a surprise.  But take note how Deacon Jim Couture and his wife, and Saint Joseph's Parish, as a body, are listed as supporters:

Community Partners and Supporters
Foundations, Corporations and Businesses

Adult Day Health Center
Allison's Attik
Ameilia Peabody Foundation
Anderson, Bagley and Mayo
B Beautiful Salon
Babineau Insurance
Ben And Jerry’s Foundation
Burgess Urban Fund-Episcopal City Mission
Catholic Campaign For Human Development
Community Foundation Of North Central Massachusetts
Cosimi Corp.
Cumberland Farms
DeBonis and Davin Florist
Douglas & Isabelle Crocker Foundation
Dr. David Baron, Optometrist
Emily MacRae Enterprises
Endless Summer Tanning
Enterprise Bank
Fallon Community Health Plan
Fidelity Bank
Fidelity Foundation
George R Wallace, Jr. Foundation
Gold Bowl
Greater Worcester Community Foundation
Hampton Fish Co.
Hannaford’s Supermarket
Haymarket People’s Fund
Health Foundation Of North Central Massachusetts
Hoche-Scofield Foundation
IC Credit Union
Inspiration's Hair and Nails
JC Independent Cleaners
Jive Turkey
JN Phillips Auto Glass
KMBA Realty Trust
Martinez Road Construction
Morales Transportation
Moran Square Diner
Napoli Group Inc.
N. Middlesex Savings Bank
Nypro Inc.
Pak Mail
Project Bread
Rick Ruberti Auto Sales
Rollstone Bank and Trust
Rollstone Charitable Foundation
Romano Overhead Doors
Ruel Electric
Sterilite Corporation
The Boulder
The Giving Common—The Boston Foundation
Therrien & Sons Oil
United Way of NCM
Verizon Foundation
Worker’s Credit Union

Adrian Ford
Adriannne Clark
Aimee Marceau
Alan and Mary Sandburg
Alejandra Di Gaeta
Alejandra Fernandez
Alejandra Lopez
Allison McLaughlin
Ana Perez
Andre Ravenalle
Andrew Goodwin
Andy and Elizabeth Van Hazinga
Anita and Joseph Carbone
Ann Fitch
Anna Phillips
Bethania Alverez
Brian and Pamela Frye
Bruce and Lynn Man
Carlos Piedra
Carmen Rosado
Charles Piermarini
Chris and Megan Picone
Cindy and Alexis Morales
Dan Mylott
Daniel Alverez
David Streb and Marsha Ladd
David and Mary Bilotta
David and Susan Babineau
Deacon Jim and Ruth Couture
Deborah and Robert Hubbard
Dolores and David Thibault-Munoz
Charlotte and William Chase
Christina and Thomas McCormack
Cynthia Soule
Edward and Susan Cronin
Eleanor and Assad Chamas
Elizabeth Carroll
Francine Evelyn
Gabriel Tome
Jean Belliveau
Joan David
Joana Dos Santos
Jeffrey and Karen Bean
Jeff Warmouth
John Flores
John and Annette Szivos
Jose E. Lopez
Jose Serpa
Josh and Heather Bilotta
Josiah Richards
Joyce Ryan
Julie Primeau
Julio Umpierrez
Joseph and Lil Zanghi
Karen Carzone
Kathy and Mark Dufour
Katherine McDermott
Kayla Bridges
Kevin St. Jean
Kristin Sweeney
Larry Cassasa
Laurie Bilotta
Lisa Wong
Luis Rojas
Lucille Phillip Gaudette
Macy Woodard
Mae Beth and Reginald Skidmore
Manuel Morocho
Marc Babineau
Marc S. Dohan and Marion Mcgill
Marcus DiNatale
Mario and Veronica Guay
Mark Maxfield
Mary Ellen Chartrand
Mary Lou Montalvo and Melvin Figueroa
Melissa Morales
Merle Adelman
Michael and Jane Cancellieri
Michael Gantt
Michele Adamu
Najid Figueroa
Nelson Saldivia
Nilso Perez
Norm and Annette LeBlanc
Norma Tanguay Frye and Robert Frye
Norman Boisvert
Pastor Thomas Hughes
Patricia Ferreira
Penelope Dillon
Peter Bovenzi
Peter Cormier
Peter Rome
Pius and Linda Kirrane
Ray Lafond
Ray and Mary Leger
Razz Beley
Rene Reed
Reinaldo Lopez
Robert and Lise Bourque
Roger and Charlene Boisvert
Romina Cabrera
Ron and Jeannine Maxfield
Ronald Ansin
Rosa Bravo
Ryan Mcnutt
Samantha Boyle
Sharyn Rice
Sheila and Mark Boudreau
Stephanie Page
Stephen and Amanda Bastien
Steven and Susan Babineau
Tillie Ryan
Thea Durling
Thomas Arthur Babineau
Thomas Bagley, III
Todd and Laura Goodwin
Tom And Peggy Wolff
Tung T Nguyen and Yennga Thi Vo
William Goodwin and Priscilla Rush

Boston Public Health Commission
Byrne Grant
Collaborative Funding Committee
Community Health Network Area #9
City Of Fitchburg -CDBG Program, Charles E. Shannon Grant
FEMA Emergency Funds
Fitchburg Local Cultural Council
Fitchburg Police Department
Fitchburg Public Schools

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
Applewild School
Committee to Elect Steve DiNatale
Corner Stone Performing Arts Center
Daughters of Isabella
Elm Street Community Church
First Parish Church of Stow and Acton
Fitchburg Art Museum
Fitchburg Community Connections Coalition
Fitchburg Fire Community Betterment Fund
Fitchburg Firefighters Union Fund
Fitchburg Police Union Fund
Fitchburg Public Schools
Fitchburg State University
Fitchburg State University Foundation
Growing Places Garden Project
Health Alliance Hospital
Healthcare For All
Health Resources In Action
Heywood Hospital
Hope Inc.
House of Grace and Restoration
LUK, Inc.
Mario Quiroz Photography
Mass In Motion
MIRA Coalition
Montachusett Area Rotary Club
Montachusett Opportunity Council
Montachusett Regional Planning Commission
Mount Wachusett Community College
Mount Wachusett Community College Foundation
New Hope Community Church
North Central Essential Charter School
North Central MA CRA Coalition
North Central MA Faith Based Coalition
Project Bread
Public Policy Institute
Restoration of Hope, Inc.
St. Joseph's Church
Spanish American Center, Inc.
Spanish Church of God
The Arc of Opportunity
The Massachusetts Elk Association, Inc.
The Minority Coalition of North Central Massachusetts
Twin Cities CDC
United Way Of North Central Massachusetts
Worcester County Sheriff’s Community Fund
World Integrated Nations—FSU

In a letter to Mr. Paul Rondeau several years ago, the Executive Director of American Life League, Dr. William Marshner, a moral theologian who teaches at Christendom College, explained why Catholics should refrain from donating monies to the "Catholic" Campaign for Human Development (CCHD).  He wrote, "..the funding of an organization is formal cooperation in what it regularly does.  But in Catholic moral theology, it is never licit to cooperate formally in an immoral project."

CCHD, the "Catholic" Campaign for Human Development, is  an organization which was inspired by radical agitator Saul Alinsky, a Marxist who dedicated his Rules for Radicals to Lucifer, whom he called "the first radical." It is an umbrella organization and/or a front for various groups which dissent from the Church's authentic teaching. Especially in the area of sexual morality.

Boycott CCHD, the Cleghorn Neighborhood Center/United Neighbors of Fitchburg and stop donating to Saint Joseph's Parish - partners in evil.


BeaconStreetCatholic said...

These devils are leading our youth down the road of apostasy. Their punishment will be all the worse, millstones around their necks.

BeaconStreetCatholic said...

I miss the old DTF and TACM in Athol. I thank God for your Blog. An oasis of sanity in an increasingly dark world.

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