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Pope Francis, Cuba and the emerging World Socialist State

Writing for the Acton Institute, Joe Carter explains that, "The U.S. began imposing sanctions against Cuba after Fidel Castro seized power in 1959, nationalized the economy, and stole more than $1 billion in American assets on the island.

Diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba broke off in 1961 as tensions between the two nations increased after Cuba signed a trade agreement with the Soviet Union. Even though the Cold War ended, not much has changed in the relationship between Cuba and the U.S."

Why is it that even though Cuba hasn't changed at all and is as repressive a regime as ever that Pope Francis worked with President Barack Obama to rescind sanctions against Cuba which have been in place for more than fifty years?  Why the secret meetings at the Vatican behind closed doors?

The forces behind the Socialist Society will not be deterred. They are determined to destroy the old society in order to build an atheistic society on its ashes. Archbishop Fulton Sheen writes, "Dostoyevsky, who understood atheism better than Nietzsche and who saw it coming in his own beloved land, knew that atheism had to be associated with the destruction of the old society. There was some suggestion that an overplanned or socialistic society had to be the prelude of an atheistic society. As he made one of his characters say: 'If Aloysha had not believed in God, he would have become a socialist.'

For the man-god to grow in age and wisdom, two conditions must be fulfilled. The heavens must be emptied, and man must be secularized. Both will be achieved by turning freedom into license. Men will be asked to give up God because His Commandments 'enslave' and because our will often runs counter to His. When finally everyone has his own will and does whatever he pleases, then there will be a chaos due to the conflict of egotisms.

It will then be necessary for Big Brother, or the state, to organize this chaos into a closed socialist society and the formulas given by the character, Shigalev, the theorist of the Communism to come: 'Having set out from unlimited freedom, I have ended up with unlimited despotism.' What Dostoyevsky was predicting through his characters, Nietzsche was saying through his philosophy. As he put it: 'I heralded the coming of the tragic era. We must be prepared for a long succession of demolitions, devastations, and upheavals...There will be wars such as the world has never seen. Europe will soon be enveloped in darkness. We shall watch the rising of the black tide.' And in another work, he wrote: 'A catastrophe is at hand. A catastrophe whose name I know*, whose name I shall not tell...Then all the earth will writhe in convulsions.'" (Fulton Sheen, essay entitled "The Death of God"). * John 5:43.

Years ago Father Malachi Martin, in his excellent work entitled, "The Jesuits: The Society of Jesus and the Betrayal of the Roman Catholic Church," noted that: "In reality, Liberation Theology is a quicker-than-the-eye transformation of a spiritual warfare into a sociopolitical struggle; and - if need be - into an armed revolutionary warfare against capitalism.  It is a transformation hinted at by Teilhard [Pere Teilhard  Dr Chardin, S.J.] in his theory of man endeavoring to evolve to the Omega Point by achieving complete' hominization' so that he could pass over into the 'Ultra-Human.' Indeed, Liberation Theologians were the ones who finally succeeded in giving all those airy concepts of Teilhard Dr Chardin a practical meaning." (The Jesuits, p. 312).

For these "New theologians," [and Pope Francis the Jesuit approves of them and has lived and moved in their circles], "Sin is not primarily personal; it is social and almost exclusively the injustice and oppressions due to capitalism.  Mary the Virgin is the Mother of a revolutionary Jesus - indeed of all revolutionaries seeking to overthrow Capitalism.  The Kingdom of God is the socialist state from which capitalist oppression has been eliminated.  Priesthood is either the service given by an individual [the priest] who builds up socialism, or it is the 'people of God's as it worships according to its likes...the New 'theological' lexicon not only justifies but mandates the use of any means - including armed violence, torture, violator human rights, deceptions, and deep alliances with professedly atheistic and antireligious forces such as the USSR [at the time, although her demise is more pretense than reality, see Golitsyn's New Lies for Old and The Perestroika Deception] and Castro's Cuba - in order to achieve the 'evolution' of Marxism and its promise of material success." (The Jesuits, p. 312).

Socialists are uniting within and without the Church to defeat their entrenched foe.  See here.

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Samantha said...

From The New York Times:

DECEMBER 17, 2014
WASHINGTON — The deal that freed an American jailed in Cuba and ended 53 years of diplomatic estrangement between the United States and Cuba was blessed at the highest levels of the Holy See but cut in the shadowy netherworld of espionage.

A personal appeal from Pope Francis, American officials said, was critical in persuading Cuba’s president, Raúl Castro, to agree to a prisoner swap and the freeing of the American aid worker Alan P. Gross. The pope, officials said, acted as a “guarantor” that both sides would live up to the terms of a deal reached in secret.

The most tangible breakthrough, however, came almost a year into the talks, when the United States, at loggerheads with Cuba, proposed to swap three Cuban agents jailed in the United States for a Cuban working for American intelligence who had been held in a jail in Cuba for nearly 20 years.

By introducing another figure to the talks — the kind of horse-trading that was standard in Cold War spy swaps — the White House was able to sidestep the appearance that it was trading Cuban spies directly for Mr. Gross. Cuba had sought a straight swap but the United States resisted, saying Mr. Gross had been wrongfully imprisoned.

Derek said...

Eric Levan said...

Athol/OrangeCatholic said...

Might we assume then, since Cuba didn't have to offer anything - such as improving human rights abuses - that this Pontiff is not troubled by this oppressive regime and its draconian tactics?

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

It's not just America that's dreaming.

Wendy said...

Obama (ever the intellectual) says that sanctions do not work and lifts them against Cuba. Meanwhile, he places sanctions against Russia.

Good grief.

Anonymous said...

The Church of Francis and Cupich is disintegrating.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

And Pope Francis too!

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

"Adding insult to injury, Obama mentioned “His Holiness Pope Francis” as a driving force behind this exercise in poor diplomatic judgement. This was also to be expected. Francis has opened the doors of the Vatican wide open to Marxists, Atheists, and others– who march to the beat of the United Nations.

For nearly fifty-six years the world has watched the slow agony of the Cuban people– and very few have stepped up to the plate to denounce it. The international community has no problem uniting with vigorous opposition to programs such as Operation Condor, which was intended to eradicate communist or Soviet influence in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia and Brazil. But they remain silent when it comes to the horrors committed in Cuba.

Is it any wonder that Alan Gross, the American citizen who was finally released yesterday from a Cuban prison after five years, was met with a picture of Che Guevara at his lawyer’s office in Washington DC?

Do you want to know who Che really was? He was a blood-thirsty Marxist torturer who personally signed the execution of hundreds– if not thousands– of innocent Cubans, in the political prison where I remember seeing my father for the first time."

- Marielena Montesino de Stuart

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