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Signs: The call for a cashless society

Info wars is reporting:

The Financial Times has published an anonymous article which calls for the abolition of cash in order to give central banks and governments more power.

Entitled The case for retiring another ‘barbarous relic’, the article laments the fact that people are stockpiling cash in anticipation of another economic collapse, a factor which is causing, 'a lot of distortion to the economic system.'

'The existence of cash — a bearer instrument with a zero interest rate — limits central banks’ ability to stimulate a depressed economy. The worry is that people will change their deposits for cash if a central bank moves rates into negative territory,' states the article.

Complaining that cash cannot be tracked and traced, the writer argues that its abolition would, 'make life easier for a government set on squeezing the informal economy out of existence.'

Abolishing cash would also give governments more power to lift taxes directly from people’s bank accounts, the author argues, noting how 'Value added tax, for example, could be automatically levied — and reimbursed — in real time on transactions between liable bank accounts.'

The writer also calls for punishing people who use cash by making users 'pay for the privilege of anonymity' so they will, 'remain affected by monetary policy.' Dated bank notes would lose their value over time, while people would also be charged by banks for swapping electronic reserves for physical cash and vice versa."

Is there any doubt now where our society is heading?  Or that the Man of Sin is near?  How else do we explain this and this,

"It forced all the people, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to be given a stamped image on their right hands or their foreheads, so that no one could buy or sell except one who had the stamped image of the beast's name or the number that stood for its name." (Revelation 13: 16, 17).

There is another dimension to this being marked on the hand or the forehead. Our Lady told Father Gobbi of the Marian Movement of Priests:

"These are the times when the followers of him who opposes himself to Christ are being signed with his mark on the forehead and the hand.

The mark on the forehead and on the hand is an expression of a total dependency on the part of those who are designated by this sign. The sign indicates him who is an enemy of Christ, that is to say, the sign of the Antichrist. And his mark, which is stamped, signifies the complete belonging of the person thus marked to the army of him who is opposed to Christ and who fights against His divine and royal dominion.

The mark is imprinted on the forehead and on the hand. The forehead indicates the intellect, because the mind is the seat of the human reason. The hand expresses human activity, because it is with his hands that man acts and works. Nevertheless it is the person who is marked with the mark of the Antichrist in his intellect and in his will.

He who allows himself to be signed with the mark on his forehead is led to accept the doctrine of the denial of God, of the rejection of His law, and of atheism which, in these times, is more and more diffused and advertised. And thus he is driven to follow the ideologies in mode today and to make use of himself as a propagator of all the errors.

He who allows himself to be signed with the mark on his hand is obliged to act in an autonomous manner and independently of God, ordering his own activities to the quest of a purely material and terrestrial good. Thus he withdraws his action from the design of the Father, who wants to illumine it and sustain it by His divine Providence; from the love of the Son who makes human toil a precious means for one's own redemption and sanctification; from the power of the Spirit who acts everywhere to interiorly renew every creature.

He who is signed with the mark on his hand works for himself alone, to accumulate material goods, to make money his god and he becomes a victim of materialism. He who is signed with the mark on his hand works solely for the gratification of his own senses, for the quest of well-being and pleasure, for the granting of full satisfaction to all his passions, especially that of impurity, and he becomes a victim of hedonism.

He who is signed with the mark on his hand makes of his own self the center of all his actions, looks upon others as objects to be used and to be exploited for his own advantage and he becomes a victim of unbridled egoism and of lovelessness." (September 8, 1989, Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary).


Michael F Poulin said...

To understand today's money system and the creation of fiat money out of thin air by banks, you need to read the book:
The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve Paperback – September 11, 2010 by G. Edward Griffin

You will also come to understand why the world has been in a continuous state of war since the Federal Reserve was foisted upon the US in the 1910's. With an unlimited flow of fake cash, countries are free to purchase arms and use them far beyond what they could afford if real money had to be used.

It will also explain why a continuous inflation is built into the system which eats away your purchasing and savings power. The US debt will never be paid off because it is not possible for it to be paid off ever.

It will also explain why the income tax, which is un-contitutional by its direct order was instituted at roughly the same time as the Fed was created. Paper script is also un-contitutional as the founding fathers knew the evil siren calls of paper money.

This is the evil system the giant world banking cartels have strangled the nations and destroy liberty.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

I've been saying all that since being influenced by Willard Cantelon in the 1980s.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Anonymous said...

A nation that cannot even get rid of a penny that has been economically inefficient for decades (the current dime has less purchasing power than the penny of the Depression era had) is not going to get away with cash in our lifetimes...

Michael F Poulin said...

The Cultural Consequences of Fiat Money by Jörg Guido Hülsmann

Here's a lecture on the social consequences of the fiat money system.

Peter S. said...

A cashless society is just about here:

Michael F Poulin said...

When is the last time you heard a sermon condemning usury? The Catholic Church has condemned usury as a sin against Christian charity from the earliest times, (The Council of Nicea had a canon against clergy engaging in usury, and the prohibition was generally applied to all Christians, and condemned by several Popes and bishops) yet this sin has been thrown out, covered up, and quietly excused, and never, ever mentioned anymore. Why is that?

Anonymous said...

From the Summa:


Article I.—Is it a sin to take usury for the lending of money?

R. To take usury for the lending of money is in itself unjust, because it is a case of selling what is non-existent; and that is manifestly the setting up of an inequality contrary to justice. In evidence of this we must observe that there are certain things, the use of which is the consumption of the thing; as we consume wine by using it to drink, and we consume wheat by using it for food. Hence in such things the use of the thing ought not to be reckoned apart from the thing itself; but whosoever has the use granted to him, has thereby granted to him the thing; and therefore in such things lending means the transference of ownership. If therefore any vendor wanted to make two separate sales, one of the wine and the other of the use of the wine, he would be selling the same thing twice over, or selling the non-existent: hence clearly he would be committing the sin of injustice. And in like manner he commits injustice, who lends wine or wheat, asking a double recompense to be given him, one a return of an equal commodity, another a price for the use of the commodity, which price of use is called usury. But there are things the use of which is not the consuming of the thing: thus the use of a house is inhabiting it, not destroying it. In such things ownership and use may be made the matter of separate grants. Thus one may grant to another the ownership of a house, reserving to himself the use of it for a time; or grant the use and reserve the ownership. And therefore a man may lawfully take a price for the use of a house, and besides demand back the house which he has lent, as we see in the hiring and letting of houses. Now according to the Philosopher, money was invented principally for the effecting of exchanges; and thus the proper and principal use of money is the consumption or disbursal of it, according as it is expended on exchanges."

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Things are growing ever more dark at the Vatican:

Anonymous said...

The Remnant article you linked to: the comments are just priceless!

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Anonymous said...

Here's a different sign:

Could easily be expanded to cover US citizens, of course.

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