Friday, March 25, 2016

Francis, who uses Twitter: Facebook users are hypocrites

Francis is building walls again:

Francis is at it again with more strange commentary.   In an article which may be found here, Francis reportedly said:

"On Facebook all are good people, are believers, good husbands, happy families. But privately they forget these things, they forget to thank God, they forget to pray and be humble. In real life are the opposite of what they publish

God detests double standards
Stop being hypocritical in social networks. God does not use facebook."

I see.  But God does use Twitter?  Is that how it works?  And how does the enlightened Francis know that all Facebook users are hypocrites?

Apparently "Who am I to judge" is only for homosexual persons.  Which would explain why Francis will meet with militant homosexual activists such as Simon Cazal while denouncing Trump as a non-Christian.


Athol/Orange Catholic said...

Increasingly, Francis is coming across as unstable and dangerous...

Cyn M. said...

Facebook users are all hypocrites? hmmmm... I have met some very devout Catholics on Facebook, and they exhibit the same level of holiness on Facebook as they probably do in their everyday lives as far as I can see. As to his "God does not *use* Facebook" comment, that is patently false. God uses whatever medium available in any age to reach the lost, heal the broken, and reclaim the sinner. My personal experience on Facebook has been one of encouraging and comforting the lonely and the despairing,(and receiving similar comfort and encouragement from other FB users) and building up others in the faith. I have encountered amazing, active faith in many of my Facebook friends, and I have formed alliances and friendships on Facebook that have literally changed my life, and blessed me in untold ways. So, for Francis to say that "God does not use Facebook" is, in my personal experience with Facebook,totally untrue.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

That is so beautifully put Cyn. And I couldn't agree more for personal reasons. Some of the nicest and devout Catholics are on Facebook. I have made many friends and have grown close to one in particular. We have become best of friends.

Alan said...

But what about Twitter?

Anonymous said...

HE HAS JUST SIGNED TO INSTAGRAM... and who is hypocrite ?

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