Friday, June 17, 2016

Francis: The hell with Canon Law, the hell with the mind of the Church, I declare most marriages invalid

Francis has asserted that most sacramental marriages are "invalid." See here.

The Church, unlike Francis who seems to be having a mental breakdown, accepts every marriage as valid until proven otherwise.

This is a matter of Canon Law.  The Code of Canon Law, which Francis should familiarize himself with, States CLEARLY:

"Marriage possesses the favor of law; therefore, in a case of doubt, the validity of a marriage must be upheld until the contrary is proven." (c. 1060).

Francis, who has admitted to suffering from mental illness, would appear to suffer as well from delusions of grandeur, believing himself wiser than the mind of the Church while dispensing with Church Law.

Immaculate Heart of Mary, shield the faithful from this nonsense.  Saint Michael, defend the Church.


Paul Anthony Melanson said...

For Francis, most sacramental marriages are invalid and some forms of cohabitation constitute real marriage:

Athol/Orange Catholic said...

Another attack on the Catholic family by a modernist-destroyer who wants to pull the Church down while promoting unholy unions.

The False Prophet.

BeaconStreetCatholic said...

This is satanic...calling the majority of sacramental marriages invalid while suggesting that unions which are not sacramental may be authentic.

This is evil. Whoever cannot see this is blind.

Dialyt said...

The Obama of the Catholic Church.

Dialyt said...

It should also be said that this kind of false teaching, and all the other garbage, does indeed have a real effect in parishes. I know of one woman who had been separated from her husband and both were living celibate lives, however she has recently met a new man... Documents like Amoris Laetitia and false teachings like these give out the clear impression that now it's OK, things have changed. The Pope's mismanagement of the Church has real effects in the lives of individuals, and that is very sad indeed. It also ought to make one angry.

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