Thursday, July 28, 2016

Francis exhorts youth to disorder, which is a mark of the Devil

Father Patrick McHugh explains that, "The angels, like ourselves, have free will. Some of them turned from God; we humans can also reject grace in our turn. The beginning of hell is to listen to the serpent who urges us to decide for ourselves what is good or evil with out reference to God. Satan knows, if we do not, that there is no goodness or beauty or truth or love that are not sparks cast off from the Pure Source of Goodness and Beauty and Love and Truth that God is. We can no more create moral goodness on our own than we can create the stars. The goodness of honesty or integrity or chastity exists outside and beyond anything we may elect, vote for or decide.

Pope John Paul II has brilliantly analyzed this objectivity of moral goodness in his Encyclical, The Splendor of Truth (Veritatis splendor). What he insists on, if not in these exact words, is that the the moral law, like the law of gravitation, does not come from our consensus. It does not come from earth but from heaven. We are free to accept or reject it but we are not free to accept or reject the consequences. If we turn from the goodness of honesty or fidelity or compassion or responsibility or truth or love, if we turn from God deliberately and with malice, we enter into the realm of disorder, alienation and hate. We carry our personalities with us into eternity. We ratify what we have chosen to become. If we leave this world locked into ego, our choice of self apart from God becomes final, irrevocable and complete. This is known as hell."

The realm of disorder.  Another word for disorder is chaos.  Is this where Francis wants to take us?  At World Youth Day in Krakow, Francis exhorted youth to create chaos.  See here.

 Fr. Vincent P. Miceli, in an essay entitled "The Taproot of Violence," explains: "...violence entered creation from the rebellion of Lucifer. This rebellion arose from the heart of pride. But the sin of pride is the offspring of the vice known as hatred of truth. Hatred of truth is the result of the creature's attempt to rearrange God's hierarchy of beings and values into an order which the creature prefers to the plan of God. This attempt immediately produces the violence of disorder, the chaos of falsity and immorality. For hatred of truth is really hatred of God who creates all things wisely and governs them lovingly. Lucifer, the Morning Star, was instantly deformed into the Prince of Darkness because he attempted to live a lie. He wanted to dethrone God and become God himself..."

We live in an environment where there is a "violence of disorder" because we have abandoned truth.  And hatred of truth leads to violence.  It is the very root of violence.

Dorothy Sayers warned that the choice before us is Creed (read Christ) or chaos.  Francis has obviously chosen the latter and wants the youth to follow him.


Unknown said...


If you follow the Master
the world will reject you
as it rejects the Pastor
with a lot of ballyhoo

The disciple is NOT above the Master
nor the servant above his Lord
the world is heading for a disaster
the Creator is ready to have it restored

The Queen of Heaven comes to warn
us poor children of naughty Eve
if we don’t listen, we’ll surely mourn
in an “eternity” full of grief

Each one of us is free to decide
whether to follow God or a worldly path
whether to be humble or full of pride
whether to be full of Love or full of wrath

The Righteous Judge keeps patiently
inviting His children to choose wisely
but most of us refuse blatantly
to follow His Commandments very precisely

He who will not hear, will feel .

Rita Biesemans, December 12 2013 Feast Day of Our lady of Guadalupe

Barbara Jensen said...

Just as a point of discussion, it would seem to me that pride precedes hatred of the Truth. Pride is the root and hatred of the Truth is its fruit.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

No. It is hatred of truth, of God's Order, that precedes pride.

Fr. Miceli:

"What is the taproot, which is causing such growth in the delirium for violence, which is rampant today? It is the attack against God. It is hatred of the truth. Behind the metaphysic of murder lies the metaphysic of hatred of the created order. "I refuse to accept this order of things. I will not serve, therefore I am." Refusal to serve God was the cry under which Satan brought violence and rebellion among the angels as they stood trial in the vestibule of heaven. Christ told his apostles: "I saw Satan like lightning falling from heaven."10 Elsewhere, we read: "Satan and his wicked demons were drawn down by infernal ropes into the depths of hell." Christ himself testified that this "father of lies was a murderer from the beginning," thus making the connection between hatred of the truth and the lust for violence. He warned the Pharisees that men who reject God's plan for their salvation will imitate Satan's deeds."

Anonymous said...

My possible dialogue with the so called pontiff:

"Mr. Bergoglio, perhaps in your thoughts you think of yourself as a man who is finally bringing peace in the world. But you mustn't forget that Our Lord, who Himself is the Prince of Peace, warned that He was not bringing peace into the world. On the contrary, He was bringing a sword. A sword that would represent the constant struggle between men of darkness and men of God. A conflict that would exist even in families. And you do a great disservice towards the Almighty by denying that the sword exists."

Marie said...

Why does Pope Bergoglio exhort youths to chaos?

Because he thinks chaos is fun.

HexagonGroup said...

Father Miceli related an amusing story from his seminary training about his French theology professor introducing the topic with French syntax, “Who the Devil He Is, What the Devil He Does, and How the Devil He Does It.” This elicited laughter from the youthful scholars. Miceli’s fleshing out of the sin of pride as an embrace of falsity and sensuality is wonderful in that this “hatred of truth” defines the war against the Person of Jesus Christ, the Way, Truth & Life. Sin is insanity; may God spare us--me--from all egomaniacal lying and selfish impurity springing from this hatred for Christ.

So, too, does this delineation by Miceli bring the Virgin Mary into the tactical war against the demonic chaos of the secret societies. Our Lady may be titled Revelatrix, “pierced with a sword of sorrow that the thoughts of all may be revealed.” Here is the upholder of Truth just as Our Lady of Mt. Carmel holds Truth Personified in her motherly embrace. This is the triumph of the Woman & Seed of Genesis 3:15. Blessed Virgin Mary, Immaculate Heart, reign and rule with the Sacred Heart of thy Divine Son, Jesus Christ. AMEN

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