Sunday, July 24, 2016

It was in Argentina that the Masonic Pope was prepared in reaction to the prophetic witness of the Argentinean Hierarchy

It should come as no surprise that Argentinean freemasonry has praise for Francis.  See here.  For more than half a century, the forces of ecclesiastical masonry have been conspiring to place a Masonic Pope on the Seat of Peter to preside over a New Luciferic Church which will embrace the man-god see here.

The Masonic pope with a troubled past (see here), was prepared by Masonic forces within the Catholic Church in Argentina who were, no doubt, enraged by the forceful and prophetic witness of the Argentinean hierarchy against Freemasonry.

On February 20, 1959, the Bishops of Argentina published a collective statement on Freemasonry in which they said, "In the course of its plenary reunion, the Argentinian Hierarchy, confronted by various articles published in the Press by Freemasonry, felt obliged to make a public declaration to the faithful, following the recommendation of Leo XIII to 'first of all,' tear away the mask from Freemasonry and let it be seen as it really is...

The Popes, the supreme and infallible mentors of civilization, realizing what a danger the sects represent to the world, have from the very first pointed it out, and unreservedly denounced this satanic conspiracy against humanity..."

These Bishops of happy memory went on to remind the faithful that, "Those who join the Masonic sect or any other similar association...incur excommunication."

In Argentina, the Luciferians, known as Freemasons, planned the final assault against the Church: a Masonic Pope to destroy the Church from within and to set the stage for the Devil's counterfeit Church, the Dark Church foretold by Venerable Ann Catherine Emmerich.


Ed Cormier said...

Francis began his Jesuit training in March of 1958, at a time when corruption had begun to destroy the Society of Jesus.

Anonymous said...

The Illuminati (The power behind the Masonic Order) have been working tirelessly and patiently for many decades on destroying the Catholic Church... I highly recommend reading this account by one of their infiltrators who attempted to enter the clergy Aa-1025 The Memoirs Of An Anti-Apostle" My copy was given to me by a devout Roman Catholic nun.
An eye opener...

Anonymous said...

Who could have guessed that the young man in this photo would one day be a false shepherd and lead entire flocks of black sheep deeper into oblivion?

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