Monday, August 08, 2016

More on Hillary Clinton and her seizures

Gateway Pundit notes that Hillary Clinton's seizures continue.  As I explained in a previous post,  I believe Clinton suffers from either demonic infestation or outright possession.

An EWTN article explains that, "Recognizing the difference between a person who's possessed and a person struggling with a mental illness or other infirmity is a vital part of the ministry of exorcism, according to a long-time exorcist and priest.

Father Cipriano de Meo, who has been an exorcist since 1952, told CNA's Italian agency ACI Stampa that typically, a person is not possessed but is struggling with some other illness.

The key to telling the difference, he said, is through discernment in prayer on the part of the exorcist and the possessed – and in the potentially possessed person's reaction to the exorcist himself and the prayers being said.

The exorcist will typically say “(a) prolonged prayer to the point where if the Adversary is present, there's a reaction,” he said.

“A possessed person has various general attitudes towards an exorcist, who is seen by the Adversary as an enemy ready to fight him.”

Fr. de Meo described the unsettling reaction that a possessed person usually has, detailing a common response to the exorcist's prayer.

“There's no lack of frightening facial expressions, threatening words or gestures and other things,” he said, “but especially blasphemies against God and Our Lady.”

Blasphemies!  See here.


Barbara Jensen said...

There is a youtube video out, which I saw last night, but I do not think it is all that recent. In it Larry Nichols, who was a former prominent member of Bill Clinton's inner circle, tells the true story of Hillary's involvement with a group of women who flew to California about once a month to partake in a 'seance' with other likeminded women. It became so common for her to do this that Nichols was charged by Bill with making sure that her trips did not get out to the press. One of Hillary's staffers, who heard about Hillary's monthly jaunts to California and of what they entailed, suggested to Hillary that she accept Jesus Christ. Hillary declined. When one looks at Hillary it is as if her soul is not there. There is no core in her. Something is very wrong.

Anne said...

Her spiritual condition is exacerbating her serious medical issues, especially neurological problems:

TLM said...

I do believe you are right on Anne. She does have physical problems, but I believe they are exacerbated by her spiritual emptiness. It's chilling to watch her at times. And, of course, I would not vote for her, but Donald Trump (and I don't see any other choice that we have) is not the most trustworthy person either. He and the Clintons have been very close friends for many years. Ivanka and Chelsey are still very close friends as well, and he was asked about this in an interview. He said that they are together all the time, and although awkward, are not allowing the campaign to come between them. Trump and Bill Clinton also got together shortly before he announce his candidacy. Something is really OFF about this whole election. Lately you see all kinds of pictures of them together either for dinner functions, or golfing etc, etc. They are said to have the same circle of friends and I have this feeling that if he really wanted the Presidency, he wouldn't be making such juvenile, stupid, self destructive mistakes. Someone with the brains of a flea would know better, and of course he hasn't gotten to where he is on the brains of a flea. Really really scary, this campaign.

Derek said...

We cannot vote for Hillary Clinton. She supports abortion on demand, homosexuality, same-sex "marriage," and initiatives which undermine religious liberty.

Vote Trump.

Anonymous said...

I vote for Christ as King of All Nations.

TLM said...

Of course we CANNOT vote for Clinton. It HAS TO BE Trump, we have no other choice, and we CANNOT sit home and throw up our hands in disgust, or vote for a write in or other party nominee, which would essentially hand the nomination to Hillary. Even if we're taking a 'Yuge' chance with Trump.....the Catholic vote MUST go for Trump. We really have no other choice.

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