Sunday, August 14, 2016

The New Paganism is becoming Satanism...

In his work entitled Essays of a Catholic, Hilaire Belloc predicted that, "when the gods of the New Paganism come they will not be merely insufficient, as were the gods of Greece, nor merely false; they will be evil.  One might put it in a sentence, and say that the New Paganism, foolishly expecting satisfaction, will fall, before it knows where it is, into Satanism."

Having succumbed to this New Paganism, many within the Church (priests, religious and laity) have come to resemble the demons they now serve.

Our Lady of Fatima speaks of repentance and conversion, two ideas not at all popular in the "modern Church" today.  Today the psychotherapeutic revolution has replaced the concept of sin with guilt which is to be "cured" through therapy.  Archbishop Fulton Sheen noted that, "Under traditional Christianity [which is fast-disappearing], a man was a theological creature, an adopted son of God and a member of the Mystical Body of Christ; in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries man became a philosophical thing bound to God by some vague ties of creaturehood.  But man today is only a biological phenomenon with no other destiny than that of the worm he crushes under his heel.  Once man loses hold on the primary dogma that man has a moral end, and that his actions, thoughts and words in this life are all registered in the Book of Life, and therefore will one day determine his eternal destiny, sin becomes meaningless.  The modern mind has forgotten the dogma of man, and hence cannot avoid forgetting the morals of man, for one is the corollary of the other.  Deny that God is interested in the behavior of men and you immediately create a society in which man is uninterested in the behavior of his fellow man." (Essay entitled The Sense of Sin).

Today, in centers of learning, Holy Scripture is openly mocked.  Many of our priests and religious have lost their faith and, with a false show of scholarship, openly repudiate God's Holy Word and the Church's Tradition.  Others simply remain silent having succumbed to sins which they can no longer denounce since they practice them in secret.  Having reduced the Gospel message to mere superstition, these children of the Devil are robbing countless youth who need to be nourished "not by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God."  As a result, these poor youth are spiritually starved to death by the lies which proceed from the mouths of Satan's children.  Small wonder so many youth have abandoned the Faith altogether.  

Our Lord denounced the religious leaders of the Jews for doing the same thing - refusing to accept the truth and falsifying His message:

"You are of your father the devil and your will is to do your father's desires.  He was a murderer from the beginning and has nothing to do with the truth, because there is no truth in him.  When he lies, he speaks according to his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies...He who is of God hears the words of God.  The reason why you do not hear them is that you are not of God." (John 8: 34-37).

Do not wait for the call to repentance to come from the clergy (generally speaking).  For many, not all but many, of these no longer hear the Word of God.  Place yourselves in the hands of the Immaculate Mother of God - your Mother.  For the Days of Noah have returned - Matthew 24: 37-41.

Many will scoff at this notion.  But look around you.  What do you see?  Sodomy is being rationalized and even sodomite "marriage."  Abortion continues to take countless millions of innocent children, sacrificed to Moloch.  Contraception is justified and is given to the youth. Crime, terrorism, wars breaking out everywhere.  Not a Civilization of Love but a hellish Civilization of Sin and hatred of God.

God's wrath is approaching.  Those who have ears to hear will heed the Spirit and the emerging Signs of the Times.  Those destined to an eternity in Hell will continue to justify sin and a culture which embraces it.

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Athol/OrangeCatholic said...

I think it is demonic that Father Bermudez and his inner circle of haters blocked you from participation in parish ministry because you opposed his promotion of CCHD and its Luciferic agenda.

Brian said...

Our clergy have neglected to preach the hard truths. Many of them are leading souls to Hell. Moral relativism has spread like a cancer and, as a result, many of our youth are filling the void with Satanism, drugs (think of the opioid crisis), and illicit sex outside of marriage.

Disaffected In Orange said...

I hope the New priest, Father Peter, will be much different from Fr. Jose. He was a disaster. But then, so too is the attitude of many at Saint Mary's. The parish is bleeding members and the collection has plummeted because of the unwelcoming atmosphere.

No use in sugar-coating this. So many people are cold and hateful.

Anonymous said...

Satanism is attracting many young people. What could be more tragic? At my parish, noticeably absent are young people and families.

We're failing them. And Satanism is spreading.

Rita Melanson said...

Father Jose entertained a hatred toward my son because he practices true devotion to Mary. He could not look at Paul and I witnessed him avoiding my son as he entered Church.

I commend my son, hated for standing with Saint Bonaventure:

”Not only do they offend thee, O Lady, who outrage thee, but thou art also offended by those who neglect to ask thy favors . . . He who neglects the service of the Blessed Virgin will die in his sins . . . He who does not invoke thee, O Lady, will never get to Heaven . . . Not only will those from whom Mary turns her countenance not be saved, but there will be no hope of their salvation . . . No one can be saved without the protection of Mary.
--Saint Bonaventure, Cardinal-Bishop and Doctor of the Church

G.S. said...

Cyn M said...

Rita Melanson, this priest's aversion to devotion to our Lady is a sign of demonic influence in my opinion. I will pray that your newly assigned priest is a more devout and welcoming servant of God, and a devotee of the Virgin. The cult of personality has replaced strong religious truths. The clergy entertains and mollycoddles the faithful, leading many into error and hell. Sad times for Holy Mother Church. The only refuge is Our Lady.

Anonymous said...

Oh Lord, King Of Kings, may Your return be one of pure glory. Smite the earth with the thunder of Your justice and show forth Your light to the few who have remained strong and steadfast in wisdom of the Truth.

May we fly like eagles into Your everlasting embrace as You shake the foundations beneath the feet of all those who have opposed You while calling themselves catholics.

Alex said...

A true devotee of Our Lady gives more than lip service to the Rosary. And such a person would never promote CCHD.

Rita Melanson said...

Thank you Cynthia. May God bless and keep you!

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