Thursday, September 15, 2016

Francis: Why do you not consider a homosexual orientation an obstacle to priestly ordination?

Cindy Wooden,  writing for the Catholic News Service, notes how:

"The sacredness of human life is so absolute that performing or helping procure an abortion or attempting suicide is an obstacle to ordination as a Catholic priest, even if the man was not Catholic at the time the events occurred, said a new Vatican ruling.

Pope Francis approved the definitive interpretation of church law at a meeting in May with officials of the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts, said a statement published by the Vatican Sept. 15.

Canon 1041 of the Code of Canon Law defines as 'irregular for receiving (holy) orders' a person who has 'committed voluntary homicide or procured a completed abortion and all those who positively cooperated in either,' as well as 'a person who has mutilated himself or another gravely and maliciously or who has attempted suicide.'.."

For more than a quarter of a century, I have been saying that homosexual men do not belong in a seminary and that such persons should not be ordained.

In fact, in a piece written for The Wanderer back in 2001 and entitled "A possibility wrought with dire implications," I wrote: "On October 1, 1986, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith published an Instruction entitled 'Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church on Pastoral Service for Homosexual Persons, signed by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger and approved by Pope John Paul II. In this Instruction, Cardinal Ratzinger writes, 'It is necessary to point out that the particular inclination of a homosexual person, though not a sin in itself, nevertheless constitutes a more or less strong tendency to an intrinsically evil behavior from the moral standpoint. For this reason, the very inclination should be considered as objectively disordered.' (No. 3).

This would appear to be especially significant since Canon 1040 of the Code of Canon Law states that: 'Persons who are affected by a perpetual impediment, which is called an irregularity, or a simple impediment, are prevented from receiving orders.' Now, irregularities arise either from defect (ex defectu) or from crime (ex delicto). It seems clear to me that a homosexual inclination, which Cardinal Ratzinger has referred to as "objectively disordered," constitutes an irregularity ex defectu.

In fact, when asked by a Bishop if it is licit to confer priestly ordination to men with manifest homosexual tendencies, the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments replied with a letter signed by Jorge Cardinal Medina Estevez which stated that, 'Ordination to the diaconate and the priesthood of homosexual men or men with homosexual tendencies is absolutely inadvisable and imprudent and, from the pastoral point of view, very risky. A homosexual person, or one with a homosexual tendency is not, therefore, fit to receive the sacrament of Holy Orders."

Why hasn't Francis come to this conclusion?  The vast majority of sexual abuse cases within the Catholic Church have been homosexual in nature.

Apparently this does not speak to Francis.  Is anyone really surprised?

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Anonymous said...

If a sodomite truly wishes to become a religious member of a Holy Order, than he or she must totally abandon the sin of sodom, recognize that it is an abomination forbidden by Christ, make frequent prayers for restoration in mind, body, and spirit, and have absolute trust in the saving grace of the Holy Ghost.

Otherwise, there is no place for sodomites to become holy members of the Catholic Church.

Meredith said...

Not good enough. The orientation is disordered. They should NEVER be ordained...period.

David said...

Some questions are hard Francis. We await your answer. Or, are you too afraid to give answer?

What are your theological reasons in support of ordaining men with a homosexual inclination?

We're ..please enlighten us.

Athol/Orange Catholic said...

Yes David! I'd like an answer as well. Let's see that "great Jesuit training" at work.

Francis should be able to back up his pastoral practices with sound Catholic teaching.

Tick tock..

Unknown said...

GENESIS 19 1-36 SODOM AND GOMORRAH DESTROYED. Nations without God : He will show He exists !!!!

Unknown said...


A Quote from Joseph Stalin from the 1930’s :

“America’s resistance is three fold : its patriotism, morality and spiritual life.
If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from WITHIN !!!

Come on America, it’s never too late to turn the page.
Don’t give that communist that victory.


Anonymous said...

One might wonder if this Bergoglio from Brazil is hiding in the closet.

Anne said...

Bergoglio won't answer because he cannot. He is an intellectual fraud.

George Kadlec said...

Some G.K. Chesterton quotes:

"There are many ways to fall but only one way to stand."

"Don't be so open-minded that your brains fall out."

"I want a Church that moves the world not one that moves with it."

The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it.” ― George Orwell

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