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A One-World Religion begins to rise as the "Pope of Peace" visits Egypt

Radio Vaticana reports:

"The logo for Pope Francis’ Apostolic Journey to Egypt, which takes place 28-29 April, has been released by the Egyptian Catholic Church.

The three main elements present in the logo are Egypt, Pope Francis, and Peace.
'Pope of Peace in Egypt of Peace' are the words in Arabic and English at the base of the logo.

Egypt is represented by the Nile River – a symbol of life – as well as by the pyramids and the Sphinx, which highlight the long history of civilization in this African country.

The Cross and Crescent Moon at the center of the logo represent the coexistence between the various components of the Egyptian people.
A white dove signifies peace, which is both the highest gift to which every human being can aspire and the greeting of monotheistic religions.

Finally, the dove precedes Pope Francis to announce his arrival as the Pope of Peace in a country of peace."

What is this but a false irenicism?  The spirit of Antichrist is rising through Chrislam, see here.

In his classic treatise on the coming Antichrist entitled "The History of Antichrist," Rev. Pascal Huchede, who served as Professor of Theology at the Grand Seminary of Laval, France, explains that:

"To insure the success of his enterprise, he will employ means that naturally secure the service of men, such as imposture, recompense, violence, and miracles.

I. Imposture

By his deceitful craft he will detach the minds and hearts of all peoples from the religion of Jesus Christ.  By his incomparable eloquence he will represent Jesus as an imposter; he will attack His doctrine and institutions, according to the teachings of St. Cyril of Jerusalem (Cat. 15], Damascus (c. 27), Jerome [in his work on the prophet Daniel).

After having weakened the faith of Christ in the minds and hearts of many, he will proceed to show that the law of Moses still prevails; he will reestablish the Sabbath and all the legal observances; and he will invite all the Jews to reestablish their nationality, after which he will declare himself to be the true messiah; ho will endeavor to prove the truth of his assertion from Scripture - he will declare his design of re­building Jerusalem and the temple and of bringing the whole world under his dominion. The carnal Jews, finding these projects in perfect harmony with their own prejudices, will easily acknowledge for the Messiah the one whom they desire.  And after having at first despised and scorned him, they will subsequently receive and proclaim him king.  (Dan, 11:21), According to St. Cyril of Jerusalem [Cath. 15), he will win the esteem and attachment of mankind by his urbane and unbounded kindness.

II.         Rewards

The wily imposter will join to the illusions of hypocrisy the bait of temporal goods, as there will be no end to his riches.  "For he shall have power over the treasures of gold and silver, and all the precious things of Egypt,” (Dun. 11:48].  St. Anselm says in his Elucidations that the devils will show him all the money which is hid and all the mines of the precious metals, out of which they will have money minted for him.  These immense riches, which he will have distributed among his follow­ers, will soon bring countless numbers to rally round his standard, and they will faithfully" carry out his designs in all things, for all things obey money (Ecclesiastes 10:19).  Cupidity is the root of evil, or as the Apostle says: "For the desire of money is the desire of all evils, which some coveting have erred from the faith" (1 Tim. 6:10). Bribes even blind the wise and pervert the words of the just (Exod. 23:8)."

As the Antichrist begins to make himself known, devils will reveal where monies are hidden.  Many prophets have seen this.  Which makes the Vatican's suddenly finding hundreds of millions of Euros under the Pontificate of Francis most interesting.  See here.

In accord with the Word of God in Daniel 11:43: "He [the Man of Sin] will gain control of the treasures of gold and silver and all the riches of Egypt, with the Libyans and Cushites[e] in submission."

Proximate preparation for the Son of Perdition.  And many are those who will succumb to the allure of riches or fame or power. Those whose names are not written in the Book of life.


Unknown said...

Answer to The "NOPE" of Peas visits Egypt o:) o:) o:) LOL

C  O  E  X  I  S  T  E  N  C  E

"COEXIST" the latest command
of the "New World Order" band
live and let live
no need to forgive
for there ain't no sin
each living their own spin

Coexistence a cold and loveless word
in a cold and loveless earth
for they have declared God dead
and worship themselves instead
mankind in his selfish pride
orchestrates the worldwide divide

but LOVE will return as LOVE
He begs us to throw in the glove
to run away from the dragon
to escape the devil's paddy wagon
to turn to the Eternal Light
be our heart broken but contrite

He will cleanse us thoroughly
from all sin and iniquity
we will live as brothers and sisters 
no need to send us any twisters
no more armies, no more wars
no more enemies at our doors.

be watchful, children, be on guard
keep Me constant in your heart
My return date you don't know
but Myself suddenly I will show
in a new and peaceful Jerusalem
a new birth in a new Bethlehem

Rita Biesemans  November 18 2012

Kathleen1031 said...

I doubt it is this person who calls himself the Bishop of Rome. He is not eloquent. Other than his penchant for telling everyone they can sin freely, he has no special attraction. He is a precursor of some kind. He's an appetizer, like scallops wrapped in bacon.

David said...

I think what he's driving at is that this may be the False Prophet.

TLM said...

Dr. Kelley Bowring inferred that Francis may be the False Prophet of the Bible a few years back. When I read this, I was very skeptical that this was what was going on, but I kept it in the back of my head for future pondering and analyzing. The longer that Francis sits in the Chair of Peter, the more possible it seems to me, that he may indeed be the False Prophet of the Bible. True that the False Prophet will pave the way and usher in the Anti Christ, but I'm just not sure how this works into the plans and the will of Almighty God. I still haven't come to a solid conclusion in this regard, as I think we need to be prepared and flexible for anything that the Divine Will has in store. The Lord God usually doesn't give us the entire picture all at once, but He does give us bits and pieces as needed. He has at this point, given us at least as much visibility as it takes to determine we cannot follow this man. The plan will unfold so that we can see as we go along. In other words, as I have found in my own personal walk with Our Lord, he will lead by increments as needed. He has never privileged me with the entire enchilada all at once, anyway:) Our job is to stay AWAKE and follow His lead through the Blessed Mother. Stay close people, through the sacraments, the Rosary the true Mass and praying constantly, and stay close like little ducklings behind Mama.

Unknown said...

answer to the comment of TLM


Penance Penance Penance

to avoid Divine vengeance

for not showing any remorse

and trying our will to enforce

The reign of the Impostor has arrived

the Church, of TRUTH is being deprived

the whole world hangs on his lips

while being readied for a total eclipse

The true followers of Christ

trying to pull off the heist

are persecuted for non-compliance

and being countered with defiance

When it will seem that all is lost
everything sacred has been tossed

God will deliver us from our agony

and reign forever in all His Majesty



Rita Biesemans, December 19 2013

Unknown said...

Answer #2 to the comment of TLM

The Ship of Peter is torn apart
Martyred in its Holy Teaching
It sinks and sinks, no work of art
The bottom though never reaching
Dissidents are screaming loud
Leaving behind an awful niff
Pretending to be proudly stout
Gearing the Ship into a cliff
Jesus shows His wounded Heart
Smitten with a deadly dart
Peter the Rock in desolation
Deploring severe desecration
Wake up, you Christian Brother
Show now your truthful face
With Mary our Heavenly Mother
We'll reach that Peaceful Place
In allegiance to the Holy Father ( in 2011 it was still Pope Benedict !!! ) 
United in prayer and fasting
No victory will claim, but rather
Satan's defeat be everlasting.

Rita Biesemans, 01-02-2011

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