Sunday, October 15, 2017

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone: Our culture has become a. living reflection of Hell and a mocking of God...

As reported here, "In his sermon on October 7th, the archbishop of San Francisco, Salvatore Cordileone, said the horrors of the last 100 years -- world wars, genocide, religious persecution, abortion, sexual immorality -- are in many ways 'a living reflection of Hell' and a 'mocking of God.' He added that this mockery is even evident in the streets of San Francisco where gay 'pride' parades occur and the 'exaltation of the vulgar and blasphemous' occurs..."

"For the hope of the wicked is as dust, which is blown away with the wind, and as a thin froth which is dispersed by the storm: and a smoke that is scattered abroad by the wind: and as the remembrance of a guest of one day that passeth by." (Wisdom 5:15).

Years ago, Father Albert J. Hebert, S.M., warned that because of abortion and homosexuality and "the many other sins that abound today, personal, familial, social and political, we can expect that there will be expanding natural disasters and new man-made ones. Such things as California fires and Florida freezes will increase. Hail, rain and river floods, tornados, typhoons, todal waves and the hurricane will continue increasingly to be God's cleansing tools. volcanos will spout red lava and hot ash, mud slides and avalanches will roar down mountain sides. Acid rain, chemical pollution explosions too will take their toll...

Depressions, financial collapses, hunger marches, strikes, panics and riots, all will come as also more Ethiopias of famine and deprivation. Satanic and occult cults, conspirators and secret society members will grow more active. Walls of prisons and jails will bulge even more. False philosophies and isms of all kinds [such as Socialism, my note] will flourish....

But there is the good side also, which, of course, is mainly for repentant people and the suffering good. A message from the Guardian Angel and Protector of the United States of America to Sister M., Aug 22, 1981, gives consolation and encouragement: 'If the people of this land carry out faithfully the instructions and pleadings of the Lord Jesus and the Virgin Mother then they will be following me to the hour of peace. With this sword of the Divine white flame of Love and the lightning bolts of His Infinite Justice God will strike down His enemies and heal the repentant sinner. This nation and all who follow in the pursuit of peace will know the protection of God and the destruction of those, who fight and seek to destroy them through the evil powers of the infernal spirits of darkness and hate.'...

It is as simple as that!....This is a time for making great efforts that the Chastisement be mitigated. When the biggest catastrophes break it will be too late.

Rosary of Adoration and Reparation here.


Unknown said...


If you follow the Master
the world will reject you
as it rejects the Pastor
with a lot of ballyhoo

The disciple is NOT above the Master
nor the servant above his Lord
the world is heading for a disaster
the Creator is ready to have it restored

The Queen of Heaven comes to warn
us poor children of naughty Eve
if we don’t listen, we’ll surely mourn
in an “eternity” full of grief

Each one of us is free to decide
whether to follow God or a worldly path
whether to be humble or full of pride
whether to be full of Love or full of wrath

The Righteous Judge keeps patiently
inviting His children to choose wisely
but most of us refuse blatantly
to follow His Commandments very precisely

He who will not hear, will feel .

Rita Biesemans, December 12 2013 Feast Day of Our lady of Guadalupe

Unknown said...


The Greek Island Lesbos was the island only for women who did things with women from there the word Lesbians, (but I presume you know this) NO MEN were allowed to access. If a man tried to come onto the island, they killed him.
One day a Russian man tried to get on the island but the women said : “NO we'll kill you !” He said : "OK but I have one request : I want to be killed by the ugliest amongst you". Oops rebellion broke loose amongst the women, they finally let him go.
This joke was told to us by a Russian female travel guide when we were visiting places in Moscow, Leningrad (St Petersburg now again) et al.

BTW : Typical behavior for women on that island Lesbos :o) :o)
Rita Biesemans

Cyn M said...

The world is spiraling toward chaos, and the Lord is separating the sheep from the goats. Pray that we may be counted among the small flock, the remnant church.

Anonymous said...

If Archbishop Cordileone preaches that homosexuality is a “living reflection of hell,” then why doesn’t His Excellency close (or revoke the archdiocesan-granted Catholic status to Most Holy Redeemer Parish and other pro-sodomite ministries and institutions such as Catholic Charities CYO and the Jesuit University of San Francisco (see Homosexual Activism in the Archdiocese of San Francisco )? Also, why doesn't he renounce his “bride-building” with New Ways Ministry such as “dialoging” with them at their national hq in Maryland (see New Ways Ministry Builds Bridges with Archbishop Cordileone ) and using his influence in the Vatican to get them special seating at a Wednesday papal public audience during their pilgrimage to Rome (see New Ways Ministry's LGBT Catholic Pilgrims Get VIP Seats at Papal Audience )?

Anonymous said...

+J.M.J.+ This is a talk given by Fr. Michael Rodríguez on October 6, 2017, in observance of the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary (Oct. 7th) and the 100th Anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun (Oct. 13th). The talk covers three main themes: A Terrible Crisis in the Papacy, the Letter of Filial Correction, and the 100th Anniversary of the Fatima Apparitions.

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