Saturday, January 27, 2018

Former Vocations Director for the Diocese of Worcester, Massachusetts, defrocked

Crux reports:

WORCESTER, Massachusetts - The Vatican has defrocked a priest who was named in one of the Worcester Diocese of Massachusetts’ largest sex-abuse settlements.

The diocese in a statement Thursday said Peter Inzerillo was laicized at his own request. The decision means Inzerillo 'may not function in any capacity as a priest or be referred to as a priest or as Father.'

The diocese had removed Inzerillo from ministry in 2002, and he had not had faculties for priestly ministry since that time.

Inzerillo served as director of Vocations from 1983 until 1994.

The Telegram & Gazette reports that Inzerillo was accused of sexually assaulting a 19-year-old man who was considering a vocation to the priesthood in 1985.

The victim said he told Inzerillo about being abused by a priest when he was a 13-year-old altar boy; following the disclosure, Inzerillo then also abused him.

Inzerillo was not criminally charged.
The diocese settled the case in 1999 for $300,000, and reassigned Inzerillo to a different parish.

Ordained in 1970, he served at parishes in Leominster and Fitchburg and was also headmaster at St. Peter-Marian High School. A listed number for Inzerillo was not in service Friday.

'It is my fervent prayer that Christ may bring healing and hope to anyone who has been abused by a priest or by anyone in the Catholic Church,' said Bishop Robert J. McManus.

The bishop also encouraged anyone in need of pastoral assistance as a result of clerical abuse to contact the diocesan Victims Assistance Coordinator in the Office of Healing and Prevention."

Director of Vocations...surprised? Father James Aquino, once the Director of the Permanent Diaconate Program, was arrested in Las Vegas on charges of lewd conduct, To Wit: public masturbation.  See here.

Is there really any doubt as to why sexual deviants were placed in charge of priestly vocations and Diaconate training programs?

Recruitment? Perish the thought. Meanwhile, orthodox and heterosexual men free of pathologies have witnessed their vocation relegated to the dust-bin...see here.

But the Homosexualist Lavender Mafia hasn't been able to silence us.  More than 50,000 readers visit this Blog every month.

God works in mysterious ways.


Jonathan said...

"Father" Inzerillo was vocations director for the Worcester Diocese in 1985 when he allegedly sexually assaulted a 19-year-old from Spencer who was considering entering the seminary.


M. Prodigal said...

And what sort of 'men' would these perverted ones recruit? Those like themselves perhaps?

Kathleen1031 said...

This is a God-sized problem. This disastrous sodomite-favoring pope could die, but that isn't going to solve the dilemma of a Church that is now filled with homosexuals, right to the very top. It boggles the mind and taxes the spirit, to try to reconcile gates and hell and boy-predators being so elevated and expanded in our church that they have taken over entirely.
These pustules that prey on boys and young men, they are a curse and a plague. It is far beyond me to even imagine what is going to solve this metastatic cancer in our church.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Kathleen, this evil, and all others, will only be expunged now by the wrath of God.

Blessed Anna Maria Taigi:

"A very thick darkness shall envelop the earth during three days. This awful darkness shall be impregnated with such pestilential vapors, and filled with such frightful apparitions, that they will cause, in a more special manner, the death of the hypocritical and avowed enemies of the Holy Church.

On this terrible occasion so many of these wicked men, enemies of his Church and of their God, shall be killed by this divine scourge, that their corpses round Rome will be as numerous as the fish which a (then) recent innundation of the Tiber had carried into the city. All enemies of the Church, secret as well as known, will perish over the whole earth during the universal darkness, with the exception of some few, whom God will soon after convert. The air shall be infested with demons, who will appear under all sorts of hideous forms."

Anonymous said...

As a layman who was discerning a vocation c. 1990 and who met this priest, I would like to make some observations:

1) When I recommended the Legion of Mary to him, to assist him in his pastoral duties, since it could raise Mass participation and the numbers of Catholics practicing the faith substantially in his Parish, he said: "I have enough work".

2) He recommended that I speak to all the members of the Vocation Discernment Committe, about 10 priests. One was an older priest in Fitchburg who without my permission or invitation put his hand on my back and stroke it. Another was a young priest in Worcester, who insisted he show me his bedroom, while giving me a tour of his rectory. The bed was clothed in red satin and white lace, the pillows were in shapes of Valentine Hearts. He said to me, "How do you like it? ... Whenever you are in the area please come and pay me a visit at any hour of the day"

3) The priest in Princeton on the Committee complained of a bad back, and when I said, "Count it as a blessing which makes you participate more perfectly in the suffering of Christ every time you say Mass" He got so upset he reported me to Inzerillo, who said I was cruel and insensitive!

4) In the course of my visits to members of the committee I had occasion to speak to another vocation, who had been asking to become a seminarian for many years. He said every time Inzerillo told him to do something which delayed his vocation, by studying this or that and taking on personal debt to do it.

5) Inzerillo admitted to me that he had bad relations with his relatives. And I later read in the local paper that he had sexually assaulted a nephew.

6) The current Bishop of the Diocese, who is not from Worcester Diocese, should publish the names of all those priests in the diocese whose vocations were approved by Inzerillo so that the faithful might examine and report to him any deviations in faith or morals in them.

7) The Diocese of Worcester still has serious problems. The Faithful in Ashburnham just expelled their pastor and drove him out of the parish for preaching that Abortion and contraception are ok. Why the Bishop ever made him a pastor with only a few years experience as a priest, is a mystery, All his priests wonder too.

8) Ratzinger was wrong at Vatican II to push for the abrogation of the Holy Office, the Inquisition's chief targets were not laymen, but corrupt clergy. We need that kind of institution to protect the faithful. Clericalism, posing as reform, has ruined the Church and the priesthood.

Once a resident of the Diocese, I speak out of love and protection of the faithful who remain there.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Thank you for your comments and insights Anonymous. I'm sorry to hear of your unfortunate experiences attempting to discern a vocation within the troubled Worcester Diocese.

A friend of mine, whose husband was a Deacon in the Diocese, once attended a talk given by Father Vincent P. Miceli, S.J., in upstate New York with her husband and a Worcester priest. On the way home, this priest told my friend, and her husband, that the Diocese of Worcester was "full of devils."

She didn't understand what he meant at the time (this was the 1980s), and didn't press for an explanation.

When the homosexual abuse crisis broke out into the open (2002), she understood what he meant.

God love you!

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