Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The National Coalition of Concerned Mental Health Experts: Blinded by partisan politics and moral schizophrenia

Dr. Bandy Lee*, the Quack-Physician who violated medical ethics in an asinine attempt to diagnose President Donald Trump without an examination, is a member of the "National Coalition of Concerned Mental Health Experts." The organization's website may be found here.

Not surprisingly, this organization, which claims to be concerned about violence across our culture, links to numerous Democratic organizations and individuals and extremist leftist publications.

In other words, their recent letter to Congress (see here) is partisan and politically motivated.

While these mental-health "experts" have engaged in partisan rhetoric to question the mental stability of President Trump (after Hillary Clinton lost the election - apparently these "experts" couldn't locate any signs of mental instability in Donald Trump prior to the election, read into that what you will, they have nothing to say about about the Democratic Party and it's promotion of violence against children in the womb.  See here for photographs of murdered children.

These "concerned experts" assert that, "As mental health professionals, some of us with an expertise on violence, we deal with the risk of harm as a routine part of our practice.  When someone exhibits signs of danger to oneself, others, or the general public, it is considered an emergency."

By that very definition, abortionists who rip apart babies with surgical instruments and the politicians who make this possible through their policies are a danger and the situation may be described as "an emergency."

But don't expect the "experts" at the "National Coalition of Concerned Mental Health Experts" to acknowledge this truth.  Their partisan ideology has blinded them to their own moral schizophrenia.

*  Update: Bandy Lee's license to practice has lapsed.  See here.

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