Thursday, June 09, 2005

Representative Maurice Pilotte: Quo Vadis?

State Representative Maurice Pilotte of Manchester (Ward 9, District 16), according to an article at the Faithfulvoice website, has twice voted for SB 30, the so-called 'Emergency Contraception" Bill. Mr. Pilotte, a Catholic who was heavily involved at St. Therese's Parish in Manchester, New Hampshire before that parish closed (one of its pastors was the Rev. Gerald F. Chalifour, a priest who abused children) was also a supporter of Senator Joseph Lieberman in his presidential bid. And, as any faithful Catholic knows, Senator Lieberman's pro-abortion stance may hardly be reconciled with Catholic teaching on the grave evil of abortion.

I knew the Pilotte family throughout the 1980's. I never would have guessed that Maurice Pilotte would support the culture of death and legislation which undermines parental rights. And so I ask, Mr. Pilotte: Quo vadis?


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