Thursday, December 08, 2005

More anti-Semitism from Mr. Douglas Bersaw

By clicking on the link provided, you will be redirected to the message board for the "American Patriot Friends Network" - Here, you will come across a quotation from Mr. Douglas Bersaw, one of the founders of the Saint Benedict Center in Richmond, New Hampshire. The Saint Benedict Center is well-known for its rabid anti-Semitism and its refusal to accept the Church's understanding of the old axiom "Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus."

Here is the relevant section from the message board in question:

"Reliving their Good Friday perfidy, they attempt to again become the 'rulers of the people', and to use the rulers and the civil servants of the nations in their treacherous plots, like they used Herod, Pilate and the Roman soldiers. And like the carnal Jews then, they seek an earthly kingdom; their backs bent down, they see and desire only base and earthly things, being blinded to the spiritual and moral. For that is Zionist Occupational Government, to subvert the nation's governments and institutions for Jewish schemes of plunder and ruination, inevitably victimising and corrupting, ruining the host, whether it be by actually manning the governments or by otherwise influencing the policies, such as through banking, finance or the media. And it is also true to say, as it was recently put by Douglas Bersaw, that is, Brother Anthony Mary, MICM, Prefect of the Third Order, MICM of SBC, NH:

“Ever since the “sceptre has passed from Judah” [Genesis 49:10] they can only exercise real political power through the gentile nations. That is why the Jews could not sentence Our Lord to death, only the Romans could. Today, we in America are their Romans. Their invasion and conquering of Palestine and the continued exercise of their power here are only possible because we support them completely with all they need, and for no other reason.”

This quote may also be found at the website of a White Supremacist anti-Semitic hate group calling itself Stormfront.


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