Sunday, November 05, 2006

American Nun's Group Voter's Guide Favors Abortion and Homosexuality

Small wonder that our beloved Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI is so concerned over the state of the Catholic Church in the United States. This is not fidelity. This is not the wisdom of the Lord Jesus. This is the earthy and devilish "wisdom" described in the book of James.

This situation calls for prayer. When consecrated religious promote the murder of the unborn and homosexuality, we are witnessing a crisis of faith. No doubt some will accuse me of being "negative" or of having an "axe to grind" for reporting this for what it is. But this does not trouble me. If I am the last person on this earth to speak the truth, so be it.

The Lord Jesus does not bless infidelity. Small wonder that we are experiencing a "vocations crisis" (a crisis which is man-made) in this country. Can we honestly expect young devout Catholic women to be attracted to religious communities which promote homosexuality and the murder of the unborn?



Anonymous said...

That's really unfortunate. What a scandal.

Anonymous said...

That represents serious scandal to the faithful. It is my prayer that those religious communities which are promoting deviancy and abortion are shut down.

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