Friday, April 20, 2007

On a related note, "Brother" Andre Marie of the Saint Benedict Center in Richmond, has been photographed wearing a biretta. As this article explains:, the biretta has traditionally been worn by members of the Catholic clergy or in some instances seminarians. Has "Brother" Andre Marie been passing himself off as a Roman Catholic priest or seminarian? Does this have anything to do with a previous announcement (made in the SBC's newsletter Mancipia) that the SBC intended to have "Brother" Andre Marie ordained without canonical permission - dimissorial letters?

A photograph (with "Brother" Andre Marie wearing what looks like a biretta) was taken at a schismatic "Catholic" church in Florida called Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church and located in Spring Hill. This photo may be found at this link:

Pictured in the photograph are Sr Maria Philomena M.I.C.M., Sr Marie Thérèse M.I.C.M., Bro. Andre Marie M.I.C.M. & Bro. Louis Marie M.I.C.M. of the St Benedict Center, Winchester, New Hampshire February 2005. The "Bishop" is Terence Fulham, who serves as the "pastor" of this church.

More information on the schismatic "Bishop" Terence Fulham:

And for more information pertaining to his movement:


Anonymous said...

I too think that the Manchester Diocese should formally excommunicate members of the Saint Benedict Center. The scandal to the faithful is just too great now.

Anonymous said...

"Brother" Andre Marie wearing a priests vestments and a biretta...strange. What is the difference between him passing himself off as a Roman Catholic priest and the con man featured on Dateline NBC who was doing the same? ("The Great Pretender, Dateline, 4/24/07).

Anyone who can pass himself off as a priest when he is not is, in my opinion, a dangerous person who cannot be trusted.

The con man on Dateline was described by one victim as "an absolute monster."

The whole situation in Richmond is absolutely frightening. My hat goes off to Paul for having the courage to expose this cult.

Anonymous said...

And those of us who live in Richmond would like to see them just go away. I do wish that we could get more help from the Manchester Diocese, but for the most part they have been very quiet about this situation. And if you think that Andre is a frightening con-man, he's got plenty of henchmen who are more than comfortable to bend or circumvent any and all laws, rules, ordinances, etc. They have no shame or conscience. Christian?? Not these people.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Mr. Terence Fulham has left a comment at this Blog requesting that I take down the photo of "Brother" Andre Marie (taken from the website of his schismatic church) which shows him wearing a priestly biretta and vestments. Although this Blog is not a for-profit enterprise, I have taken the photo down but have left a link to the photo.

I have a request of my own. I would ask Mr. Fulham not to use the title "Bishop" should he ever decide to leave a comment at this Blog again.

Mr. Fulham is not a Bishop in the Catholic Church and has no right to pass himself off as such. He is welcome to leave comments at this forum providing they are appropriate and civil in tone. They must also be free of profanity.

Anonymous said...

Paul, the Southern Poverty Law Center has posted a photo of SBC members at their website and I haven't heard anything from the SBC by way of registering a complaint regarding the use of THAT photo.

I think your post has really upset Andre Marie and the SBC. You have exposed his con job.

sedevacantist priest said...

Mr Terrence fulham is not a catholic bishop because the person who suppose consecrated him is not even a catholic. Msgr. Simmons who claims to be Duarte line has been declared null and void by the bishop who consecrated him. His name is Bishop Norwood. So his claims should be exposed.

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