Saturday, June 30, 2007

Reasoned discussion or argument, dialogue or emotion?

In Massachusetts, some homosexual activists have a truly distorted idea of what constitutes authentic dialogue:

"A discussion is an orderly confrontation based on a mutual willingness to learn from one another. It involves the presentation of evidence by each party and then a good-faith attempt of the participants in the discussion to come to agreement. Discussion presupposes some degree of rational disagreement between us or at least a lack of consensus. If I agreed with you already, we would have nothing to discuss. In a discussion, I do not primarily want to disagree: I want to know the truth. If I do not think that what you say is true, then I disagree, stating my reasons as clearly as possible and without animosity. The same is true for you: you present me with your reasons. By sharing our ideas freely, we hope to arrive at a deeper truth. In a discussion, disagreement is for the sake of agreement.....An argument (emotional, not rational) is a disorderly confrontation based on an unwillingness to learn from one another. Desire for victory takes precedence over love of truth, with the result that agreement becomes impossible. Although they may have rational grounds for disagreement in the first place, all arguments include an element of bad faith - we are not, with all honesty, pursuing the truth together. Rather, in an argument I simply want my position to be the right one and you to agree with me. I am, indeed, looking for agreement, but on my terms, not in terms of objective truth. Instead of my following reason and leaving passion aside, passion is primary, and reason (if it has a role) works in the service of passion. Quite often, in order to end an argument, we agree to disagree....

In discussion, we deliberate for the sake of coming to the truth; in an argument, we abandon the mutual pursuit of truth because our purpose is to triumph."

-Dr. Montague Brown, The One-Minute Philosopher, Sophia Institute Press, pp. 32-33.

Meanwhile, the case that is sending shock waves across America:

In May of 2000, I wrote a piece for the Mother Town News in North Central Massachusetts opposing same-sex "marriage" and based my article on Divine Revelation and Natural Law. At the same time, I cited the teaching of the Catechism of the Catholic Church that homosexual persons are to be accepted with respect and compassion (No. 2358). My father received a phone call from the Clinton Police Department informing him that an individual had told The Mothertown News that he was going kill me with his rifle.


Sanctus Belle said...

I ask the Mother of God to protect you and your family beneath her mantle!

That said, by the will of God such a death would result in a great crown of glory!

May God abundantly bless your defense of our Catholic faith, without compromise or apology!

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Sanctus Belle, I am overwhelmed by your support and your kind words. May I always live up to the demands of the Gospel. Your friendship is something I cherish.

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus continue to bless you for your witness and your warm heart.

God love you,

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