Friday, December 21, 2007

A point not understood by the Cohen Center for Holocaust Studies

Catholics offended by the anti-Catholic comment made by Mr. Henry F. Knight which was posted at the Blog for the Cohen Center for Holocaust Studies at Keene State College are still awaiting an apology. Mr. Knight has referred to, "traditional forms of anti-Semitism in Church teachings or its liturgies."

By clicking on the link above, you will be taken to yet another article which refutes this spurious claim.

The Cohen Center should promptly apologize for Mr. Knight's anti-Catholic remark. Failure to do so will only serve to diminish the credibility of the Center. A credibility which has already been tarnished.

As part of a comment left at The Keene Sentinel Blog thread entitled "Richmond: A Town Divided?", a Catholic layman named Dale who is a regular reader of this Blog wrote, "If Keene State College isn't anti-Catholic, why has the student newspaper, The Equinox, published an article titled "Town residents express concern about Catholic group"? The article may be found here:

The Diocese has stated quite clearly that the SBC has "no affiliation" with either the Diocese or the Roman Catholic Church. So why is that publication attempting to convince students that the SBC (which is anti-Semitic) is "Catholic." Clearly, this is an attempt to portray Catholicism as being somehow "anti-Semitic." And such an approach is truly reprehensible besides being dishonest."

Not a bad question.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Knight is an anti-Catholic bigot and the fact that the Cohen Center has remained silent amid calls for an apology would seem to indicate much about the Center. It is not only erroneous, but highly offensive, for someone to claim that the Church's teachings have contained traditional forms of anti-semitism." Mr. Knight's bigotry is every bit as evil and pernicious as that of Louis Villarrubia. The Cohen Center is a disgrace not only to Keene State College but to the State of New Hampshire and the world of academe.

Anonymous said...

Henry Knight is an embarassment to both himself and the Cohen Center. Evidently he couldn't care less that he's issued a false allegation against the Catholic Church and offended Catholics who take exception to his slander. Arrogant individuals usually refuse to apologize for their actions because they deem themselves "above reproach" and not accountable to the "little people." I say boycott the Cohen Center.

Anonymous said...

Brian, you are right. When we think we are "too big" or "too important" to apologize, we stunt our own growth and alienate ourselves from others. There can be no reconciliation with others if we continue to insult them and act as if we have done nothing wrong.

Reconciliation with God and neighbor is always based upon truth and charity. The truth about others and the truth about ourselves.

If it's the truth which sets us free (and it is - John 8:32), why are so many anxious to avoid the truth about themselves and others? Because they are not interested in reconciliation. Only in achieving power over others. In other words, people refuse reconciliation because of self-centeredness and pride.

Anonymous said...

Read your posts on this center for Holocaust Studies and felt the need to thank you for exposing this hatred. Anti-Catholicism, as found in many colleges and universities today, is often a bit more subtle than men wearing white hoods and burning crosses. But it's just as evil. All the more so because it is cloaked in respectability. The better to deceive impressionable young minds.

May God bless you for your efforts at exposing this hatred and sham scholarship.

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