Friday, September 19, 2008

"Christian Yoga": Doorway to the Demonic

" would make us all christs - without need of a savior.." - From The Cross and the Veil website.

According to Father Jeremy Davies, exorcist for the leader of Catholics in the UK, yoga puts people at risk from devils and the occult. Fr. Gabrielle Amorth, in his book entitled "An Exorcist Tells His Story," also warns against Yoga and adds: "Yoga, Zen, and TM (Transcendental Meditation) are unacceptable to Christians. Often these apparently innocent practices can bring about hallucinations and schizophrenic conditions."

Many Catholic retreat centers, including the La Salette Center for Christian Living in Attleboro, have offered "Christian Yoga" (See here).

What does the Catholic Church have to say about the New Age movement? Find out here.


Anonymous said...

Just as Oprah is preparing her listeners for the coming of the "new Christ," so too "Catholic" retreat center are using "Christian yoga" to prepare unsuspecting Caholics for the Maitreya, a "new Christ" for a new epoch:

"..the Epoch of Maitreya is approaching, and the signs are strewn as fiery seeds...Maitreya wishes to hasten all. Maitreya wishes that all should be successfully accomplished...Maitreya wishes to grant humanity a gift through the fiery experience of Agni Yoga..Maitreya wishes to transform life on earth in the radiance of of the Mother of the World." http://www.reversespins.

Yoga is being used to prepare the way for a New Age Antichrist.

Anonymous said...

In the current edition of the Saint Michael Brigade Newsletter, Mr. Russell Pond notes that, "Yoga is in the headlines again as (e.g.) St. Joseph Hospital in Nashua promotes its physical exercises for healing. Physical exercises are in themselves harmless but when identified with Yoga, they open the door to another reality--Hinduism, which is the worship of false gods. Yoga is a spiritual and corporeal exercise born from the Hindu spirituality, and the positions are inseparable from that. Yoga means "union" and need I ask with whom?"

Mr. Pond is an ardent pro-life activist and his newsletter is available free via email. Anyone interested may contact me at:

In Christ,

John Ansley

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