Friday, October 10, 2008

More on voter fraud...

4,000 dead voters in Houston. Meanwhile, the ACORN voter fraud scandal is developing. Read here.


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Anonymous said...

Pro-Obama people are trying to fix this election. I am totally outraged at all of this. Why isn't this being discussed on the liberal television networks? I think we all know the reason for the news blackout.

The liberal media won't carry stories deemed "inconvenient" such as ones which may hurt Senator Obama.

They sure don't waste any time telling lies about Governor Palin though. This election is quickly becoming a farce.

Anonymous said...

The mainstream media are finally looking into the matter but spinning" it to look like a political issue raised by the McCain campaign and minimizing Obama's role with the group--rather than a legal matter being investigated by the attorneys general of at least ten states; for example, the October 10th New York Times:

Senator John McCain’s presidential campaign on Friday stepped up its efforts to tie Senator Barack Obama to a community organizing group that has been accused of involvement in problematic voter registrations in several hotly contested states, including Colorado, Indiana, Nevada and North Carolina. Etc. as at

Anonymous said...

This article highlights how an Obama fundraiser, convicted of fraud, is now whispering secrets to federal prosecutors about corruption in Illinois.

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