Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Proximate signs of Antichrist

From the Michael Brown article:

"When 'Divine Mercy is exhausted,' wrote Father Arminjon, there will 'appear on earth a profoundly evil man, invested with a quasi-superhuman power, who, challenging Christ, will wage an impious and foolish war against Him.

'Through the fear this man will inspire, and, particularly, by his stratagems and seductive genius, he will succeed in conquering almost the entire universe; he will have altars erected to himself and will compel all peoples to adore him.'

Feast days and Sunday services will be suppressed, and Christian names will be removed from the calendars. Education will be "lay, compulsory, and godless."

The personage of evil -- the anti-christ -- will seem to resurrect, posited Father Arminjon. He will seem to make fire fall from the heavens. He will make a statue speak. Demons, transformed into angels of light, will appear in the air. He will present false oracles in trees and with wood. He will cause furniture to move of its own accord (a seeming reference to spiritualistic phenomena)."

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Anonymous said...

I was at Mass a few weeks ago and I spread some blessed salt in the front of the Church. I actually heard shrieking during Mass which stopped after I prayed a St. Michael Prayer. Is there anyone who cannot feel the darkness which is spreading across everything? It is really ominous.

Anonymous said...

The process of auto-demolition seems to be escalating within the Church. A spirit of coldness is in the air. One of the chief signs of the end times will be that charity will grow cold. And this is happening! The greatest of the theological virtues is love (1 Corinthians 13), yet many local churches have become very cold. This too is a proximate sign of Antichrist.

Teresa Perez said...

One can decipher the man of sin by simply reading this prophecy. Quoted in red...he will be known in the whole universe! That's a hint. Prophecies have words that once you heard you can judge in secret.

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