Monday, November 08, 2010

Obama: Americans are stupid

Sophocles, in Antigone 1. 1023, says, "Stubborness and stupidity are twins." How so? Dr. Montague Brown explains as he makes the distinction between tenacity and stubborness: "Tenacity is the dedicated adherence to something we know to be worthwhile. As such, tenacity is positive. It involves a clear purpose - to persevere in what is good - and welcomes new evidence and perspectives that clarify or enrich that good...Tenacity is particularly evident when the adherence required is difficult. If my perseverance requires great effort of body or mind, or if it requires me to face a great deal of peer pressure and perhaps even ridicule, then my holding fast to my good purpose shows strength of mind and courage. In such cases, there may be little to gain in terms of social standing, but much in moral standing. Tenaciously holding to what is true and good not only benefits me in terms of virtue; it also works to ensure the stability of these goods in the community....Stubborness is the uncompromising insistence on having our own way. As such, stubborness is negative. It involves a kind of blindness, along with a willful rejection of evidence and the perspectives of others. Stubborness is particularly evident when the compromise required is easy. If the evidence I need to convince me to change my mind is readily available, or if accepting another's perspective would mean giving up little of importance, then my refusal to yield is not reasonable, but is motivated by stubborness. There is little to lose except my desire to be in control. Such rigid clinging to my own will hurts the community, because I refuse to cooperate with others, and it also prevents me from becoming successful and virtuous." (Dr. Montague Brown, Ph.D, The One-Minute Philosopher, pp. 162-163, Sophia Institute Press).

Rather than addressing the serious and substantive criticisms – or just plain concerns – directed at his policies, Obama has chosen time and again to dismiss his critics by painting them as dishonest, emotionally unstable or simply obstinate.  And now, he is suggesting that the American people are stupid.  In an article which may be found here, we read how Obama told Steve Kroft during a "60 Minutes" interview that, "..leadership isn't just's a matter of persuading people..making an argument that people can understand."

How patronizing.  How insulting. If the American people are not convinced of Obama's policies, it is not because they lack understanding, it is because his policies are inane and his ideas lack substance.  Remember when this mental giant suggested that those who oppose homosexuality (because of Divine Revelation and Natural Law) were clinging to "worn out arguments"?  How about when Pope Benedict XVI telephoned Obama after the election to congratulate him on his victory?  The Holy Father brought up the subject of abortion and Obama said simply, "We agree to disagree."  See here.

Authentic leadership also involves acknowledging when one is wrong and not blaming one's failures on other people.  Our president is grossly immature.  And that fact is chilling.


Robert H. said...

I am not lacking in understanding. I understand Obama and the Democrats all too well. Which is why I voted Republican and Independent (Tea Party).

His attitude toward americans who disagree with him is asinine.

Anonymous said...

A free-mason.

A dangerous anti Jesus figure.

His position on abortion should have tipped off every thinking Christian.

Much can happen in two years, may God have mercy.

Stewart said...

If only most realized that anonymous. Obama wants to eradicate Christianity. This is the ultimate goal of freemasonry. Whether most acknowledge it or not.

Michael Cole said...

May God have mercy is right. The Antichrist New World Order will have the technology in place to watch everything we do. A totalitarian state is just around the corner. And there will be nowhere to hide.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many of our Founding Fathers were free-masons.

Derek said...

What if they all were? Would this fact make freemasonry somehow acceptable?

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