Friday, December 31, 2010

MTV (Or as I like to call it: EmpTyV) airs an abortion on the Feast of the Holy Innocents

MTV's "reality show" No Easy Decision featured Markai Durham having an abortion.  Ms. Durham was told by the staff at the killing center, "Don’t think of it as ten fingers and ten toes with a forehead and all that stuff. Because if you think of it like that, you’re going to make yourself depressed. …Think of it as what it is: a little ball of cells."

In his excellent and prophetic book Trousered Apes, Professor Duncan Williams documented extensively the banishment of God from society in the West and said that as a result, "the Western world and its culture is saturated with violence and animalism....We are teaching savagery and are naively appalled at the success of our instruction."

Professor Williams continues, "What shocks an audience today will be acceptable tomorrow and thus the contemporary dramatist [or reality show producer, my note] is constantly impelled to seek further excesses to gratify a warped taste which he has himself implanted in the public mind....The whole modern cult of violence and animalism is in essence an admission of defeat.  Since we cannot be men to any idealistic extent, let us lapse into barbaric animalism but, still clinging to vestiges of a past which we hate but cannot escape, let us clother our defeat in high-sounding terms: 'alienation,' 'cult of unpleasure,' 'realism,' and similar jargon.  Yet all this fashionable phraseology cannot conceal the fact that the Emperor has no clothes....The contemporary playwright or producer might well take as his motto, Apres moi, la secheresse (After me, the drought), and congratulate himself that he is writing before a morbid public appetite demands scenes of such repellent realism that actors and actresses will have to be killed on stage in order to satisfy it."

Welcome to the Theater of Lust, the Theater of Violence, the Theater of Antichrist.  The murder of children, celebrated as a sort of demonic sacrament by those who have rejected God's Law of Love, is now considered "entertainment" by the post-Christian savage who has accepted the spirit of the Antichrist, the spirit which hates God and everyone who is made in His image and likeness.

America, how far thou hast fallen.  And how quickly.  A little ball of cells?


Steve said...

If our Lord's arm was ready to fall in anger on the world for violation of the Sabbath at La Salette, and the Angel at Fatima had a flaming sword ready to set the world on fire, what is delaying Divine Justice since 1973's Roe v Wade?

Do we need any further proof that the chastisement is near, even at the door?

Jonathan said...

People today don't want to hear about chastisement. I guess they think the story of Nineveh's repentance is a fable or that Sodom and Gomorrah weren't really destroyed.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

I couldn't agree more Steve. And yet, the faithful (for the most part) continue to sleep. As if Our Lord's words to Saint Faustina are to be taken lightly.

Dee said...

To answer Jonathan's question - I doubt many people know about Nineveh' repentance or Somon and Gomorrah, much less give it any crediblity.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Many no longer believe in Hell either. But a thing is real whether we acknowledge it to be so or not.

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