Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The ugly face of anti-Catholicism in New Hampshire

Courtesy of The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights:

Tuesday April 5, 2011


Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on the reaction he has gotten from some New Hampshire Republicans in the wake of the Catholic League protest of Rep. David Bettencourt's attack on Bishop McCormack:

Never in the nearly 18 years I have spent as president of the Catholic League have I seen more totally irresponsible statements issued by the lawmakers in any one state. While some Republicans—and all of those attacking the Catholic League are Republicans—are merely upset with our criticism of Rep. Bettencourt, two have clearly crossed the line.

Rep. Lynne Ober wrote the following to us in an e-mail: "I agree that it is certainly unfortunate that the Catholic League chooses to harbor a person who helped pedophiles continue abusing children."

Rep. Andrew Manuse wrote this missive: "I am now considering a bill to remove the Church's tax exempt status in New Hampshire, for you have clearly shown that you no longer want it."

I have a challenge for the two of them.

Why doesn't Ober take the next step by personally accusing me of harboring a person who helped pedophiles continue to abuse children? Organizations can't sue for libel, but individuals can.

Why doesn't Manuse go right ahead with his bill to remove the Church's tax-exempt status? We'd love to present his e-mail in court.

Didn't anyone ever tell these lawmakers to be careful what they put in writing? In any event, it's time these two heard from our members.

Contact Ober: skibear@cheerful.com

Contact Manuse: amanuse@gmail.com

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LaconiaCatholic said...

Representatives Ober and Manuse represent anti-Catholic bigotry and intolerance. Hold them accountable by not voting for them.

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