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Father John Unni claims he has no idea what the Gay Pride agenda is and that he just wants to be inclusive

This past Sunday at Holy Mass, Father John Unni, "pastor" of Saint Cecilia's Parish in Boston which had planned a "Gay Pride Mass," engaged in falsehood before God and the parishioners present saying, "In the past week, folks have talked about the Gay Pride agenda.  I confess to almighty God and my brothers and sisters that I don't know what that group is.  I apologize for my stupidity and ignorance.  We put ads in the bulletin saying all are welcome."  See here.

Sure.  And I play spin-the-bottle with Carmen Electra every Friday night.

In past bulletins, Fr. Unni has promoted presentations given by Rabbi Devon Lerner and Charles Martel.  Rabbi Lerner has served as the Executive Director of the Religious Coalition for the Freedom to Marry (RCFM) and Charles Martel, a militant homosexual activist and clinical social worker in Boston who received his BA and MSW from Catholic University of America, has worked for Catholic Charities within the Diocese of Worcester and for the Family Counseling and Guidance Center in Braintree, Massachusetts, a clinic which is affiliated with the Boston Archdiocese.  Mr. Martel served as a member of the Board of the Religious Coalition for the Freedom to Marry and recently co-founded Catholics for Marriage Equality.

The Massachusetts Religious Coalition for the Freedom to Marry, website may be found here, has the following mission statement: "The Massachusetts Religious Coalition for the Freedom to Marry consists of more than 1000 rabbis, ministers, and faith leaders, as well as congregations and faith-based organizations from more than 20 faith traditions. We support civil marriage rights for same-sex couples and families as a matter of religious freedom and civil rights. We help citizens understand the distinction between civil and religious marriage. We provide religious support and pastoral care for same-sex couples and families as well as educational programs and projects that support the full inclusion of same-sex families into our society."

If Fr. Unni is not in support of the "Gay Pride" agenda, why has he promoted two individuals who agitate for same-sex "marriage"?  In one bulletin, which may be found here, there is the following promotion: "'Called by Name' Prayer Service for GLBT Community.  The Catholic Gay and Lesbian Concerns ministry at Saint Ignatius Church, Chestnut Hill, is hosting a prayer service, 'Called by Name: Praying for Tolerance & Understanding' on February 23 at 7:15 p.m. in their upper church.  This is a service of welcome and affirmation for the GLBT community as well as for their parents and family members...For further information, please contact Charles Martel.."  The same Martel who founded the dissident group "Catholics for Marriage Equality, which describes itself as encompassing,  "faithful Roman Catholics throughout the United States who through prayerful discernment are supporting civil marriage for same-sex couples" and which asserts that member's consciences "are informed by..Catholic social justice tradition based in Hebrew and Christian scriptures."  See here.  

So here's where we're at: Father John Unni is now claiming that he has no idea what the "Gay Pride" agenda is all about even though his June 5th parish bulletin states, "The Rainbow Ministry of Saint Cecilia Parish invites all friends and supporters of the LGBT community to a Mass in celebration of Boston's Pride Month."

The same priest who has promoted radical homosexual activists who work for same-sex "marriage" has the full confidence and support of the Boston Archdiocese.

God help us all!


Wendy said...

Fr. John's lies are catching up with him. His clear promotion of gay pride and those in support of same-sex "marriage" are grounds for his dismissal. It is obvious that he is not committed to Catholic doctrine.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

It would seem that nothing has changed in the Boston Archdiocese since the days of Paul Sinsigalli. Paul Likoudis explains in his book "Amchurch Comes Out": "..Paul Sinsigalli, who graduated from the Archdiocese of Boston's St. John's Seminary in 1999..was advised he would never be allowed to serve as a priest anywhere in the country because he held an unprogressive view about homosexual acting out at the seminary." Paul Likoudis then cites a report which appeared in Catholic World Report and authored by Michael S. Rose, in which Sinsigalli, a former Air Force officer, stated: "I was studying at St. John's Seminary in Boston and was told that I did not have the qualities required to be a priest. They said that I lacked leadership, intellectual ability, and emotional maturity, among other things. When I asked them to explain where these traits were exhibited they merely repeated the oft heard mantra: 'It's the consensus of the faculty,' and then would not defend or cite examples of said behavior. They had decided that I did not fit into their mold of what a priest should be...

What were my crimes, you may ask? I stood up for what the Church teaches every time there was a question about it. I stood against the homosexual atmosphere which pervaded the college at that time and had the temerity to suggest that homosexuality is a disorder. I also did not engage in their pro-masturbation conversations which were commonplace in the halls and the dinner table. I was the target of a homosexual classmate who is known to have a violent history and required a restraining order to be taken out against him by another student..." (Amchurch Comes Out, pp. 58-59).

And so we now have an idea what qualities the Archdiocese considers necessary to be a priest. If you promote "Gay Pride" and talk favorably about masturbation, you are considered to have the qualities required to be a good, healthy priest. This is taken as emotional maturity and evidence of intellectual ability.

Small wonder that Father Unni has the "full confidence and support" of the Boston Archdiocese.

Michael Cole said...

I think the Cardinal is forfeiting his credibility if he doesn't deal decisively with this controversy and soon. Whatever happens, it is crystal clear that the Catholic Church in Boston needs our prayers. It has become a sort of outpost for Sodom.

Bryan Wood ( said...

Have any of you been to St. Cecilia's...or the former St. Ann's...or St. Richard's...or St. William' see Fr. John preach? Have you ever actually spoken with him or anyone in the parishes he has served or are you basing your opinions on an HTML document search and some weakly threaded tapestry of speakers and events that you choose not to attend? The Catholic Church does not stand for us to be cruel to each other and further marginalize those that are seeking a place of refuge and solace. The Catholic Church does not accept in the doctrine that you all claim to be so versed in that we do some background check on each person coming into the door. The church at St. C's is one that welcomes people where they are at, as Jesus did. Remember...Jesus is the basis of the religion...not the rules made up later by humans. I have been a part of St. Ann's and St. C's. I am proud to say that I have been. St. C's is a place where all are welcome...and not as a part of a Gay Pride Agenda. You that are so full of hatred should try exposing your own demons and fears and work through those with this God that you feel would want to continue to make the downtrodden struggle and the marginalized further distanced. You should be ashamed of your statements and your feelings toward what the Archdiocese is supporting in John Unni. Stop living by some rulebook that makes you feel safe and justified. Try to live life a little and meet some people who are "not like you." Although, in my experience, I bet a lot of you are a lot like some of "them" and choose to hide behind "doctrine" because of the lies you have spun about yourselves.

Stewart said...

Bryan, you wrote "The Catholic Church does not accept in the doctrine that you all claim to be so versed in that we do some background check on each person coming into the door."

You're right. No background checks are required. What is required is that Catholics adhere to the teaching of the Church. It is obvious that you do not. Furthermore, your lack of charity is very revealing.

Father Unni has promoted homosexuality. He has promoted "gay pride" and an organization which advances same-sex "marriage."

For this reason, he should be removed from any and all ministry.

Anonymous said...

The "rules" (i.e. the doctrine and discipline) of the Church are not arbitrary. The entire purpose of the Church is to provide everything that is necessary to salvation. The reason sodomy is rejected by the Church is that it is contrary to nature and inimical to salvation. It is one of the sins crying out to Heaven for vengeance. Those who practice sodomy, if they do not repent of this sin before death, will be cast into hell for eternity. That is why the Church teaches so strongly against this terrible vice.

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