Thursday, July 07, 2011

"The alarming signs of the times testify to a fierce spirit of evil advancing everywhere.."

California lawmakers have passed a bill requiring schools to teach sodomite history.  See here.  Expect such legislation to advance everywhere.  It was Fr. Vincent Miceli who warned that:

"The West has divinized Security and Technocracy; the East, Science and Revolution.  But in both camps atheistic humanism has become the State religion.  And both of these systems of secular humanism eclipse the person, eliminate his freedom, deny his human-divine value and subject him to the tyranny of technological impersonalism.  The alarming signs of the times testify to a fierce spirit of evil advancing everywhere.  It is the spirit of rebellion against God and man.  Hitherto the powers of government in each country, as yet relying on God and reason, were firm and vigorous eough to restrain this rebellion.  But today many agnostic countries can barely contain that lawless spirit, while many others have actually legalized the principle of lawlessness itself, the principle of license masquerading as liberty.

We are reminded of St. Paul's warning to the Thessalonians.  In the last days there will be an aweful, unparalleled outbreak of evil everywhere.  This will be called the Great Apostasy.  In the midst of this general falling away a certain Man of Sin, having the image of Satan and breathing hatred toward God and man, will appear.  He will exercise frightening preternatural powers of destruction against the just.  This Child of Perdition will be so special and singular an enemy of Christ that he will be called Antichrist.  For just as types of Christ went before Jesus, heralding his coming, so shadows of Antichrist have already preceded him....

But compared to the final Antichrist all forerunners of him were so many mini-Antichrists.  This Arch-Antichrist will orchestrate revolutions so expertly that the very framework of society will shatter into pieces under his wicked hand.  In a stunningly evil way, he will knit together his totalitarian rule of heresy, sedition, revolution, schism, war - indeed of every evil movement - and hurl them effectively against the Church.  Preceded by apostasy, conceived in apostasy, gestated in apostasy, born in apostasy, the Man of Sin will come to power through a General Apostasy.  In other words, Antichrist could never have existed except for the decision of the majority of persons in East and West to apostatize from God and to join the forces of atheism.." (Essay entitled "Detente All Around: Prelude to Antichrist?").

Evil is indeed spreading everywhere.  Men have grown weary of being men and are beginning to deny Christ more and more.  Which is why even in the Church, many have come to accept homosexuality and abortion as good.  Such persons, such enemies of Christ, may still use Christian jargon as they go through the motions of Christian worship, but at base they have opted for evil and radiate the spirit of Antichrist.  More than a century ago, Cardinal John Henry Newman predicted the Desolate City which we find ourselves in today:

"Surely there is at this day a confederacy of evil, marshalling its hosts from all parts of the world, organizing itself, taking its measures, enclosing the Church of Christ in a net, and preparing the way for a general apostasy from it..."

As everything grows more and more dark, continue to pray to the Immaculata.  Pray the Rosary.  Every day.  Consecrate yourselves to Our Lady every day.

Such is our only hope.  There is refuge in the Turis Davidica.


BostonCatholic2011 said...

The spirit of Antichrist has infected Boston in a special way. What Bishop Gracida refers to as "The Boston Virus" is really this spirit.

Wendy said...

Many Catholics now accept "gay marriage." This is because our "pastors," (and I use the word loosely) have neglected to preach the uncomfortable truths of the Faith.

We hear nothing in homilies about the dangers of grave sin. Nothing about abortion, homosexuality, fornication, adultery and other societal evils.

Many clerics have already lost their faith and approach their vocation as a mere "job." They don't care for souls. And we are reaping the fruit.

Jonathan said...

In Ontario, Canada, Catholic schools are being told by the government that they must accept homosexual clubs.

See this link:

Anonymous said...

There are forces working to dismantle the Catholic Church.

Hannah said...

This is an interesting article posted by Paul Anthony Melanson and i am almost completely agree with Paul. When we drive ourselves to lust which God abandon to us then surely we just loosing the spirituality. When humans looses it then we seeing what is happening these days that everybody seems disturbing and annoying with each other.

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