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Syracuse Diocese touts homosexual priest and dissent supporter Father Mychal Judge as a symbol of good overcoming evil

The Catholic Sun [Syracuse, NY Diocese] reports that a sculpture depicting Father Mychal Judge was dedicated at All Saints Parish in Syracuse, New York.  The newspaper says, "Father Judge was well known in New York City for his ministry to people living with HIV and AIDS, people struggling with addictions and people living on the street. In his death, he is remembered far beyond the City. The program from the dedication affirmed that 'his life of service lived joyfully as a gay man, recovering alcoholic, committed and faithful to his priesthood, has become a symbol that ultimately good overcomes evil, prejudice, hatred and ignorance.'"

Parishioner Vincent Sgambati commented, "Was Mychal Judge more than a gay man?  Of course...I hope..lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender folks will learn of the sculpture and of Mychal Judge and know that he...will not be written out of history like so many others have.  And I hope they will feel proud." (See here).

Father Mychal Judge is being honored by a Catholic Parish and an entire Catholic Diocese as some sort of homosexual saint and martyr.  The sad reality is that Father Judge advanced an agenda which is in opposition to the Magisterial teaching of the Church.  This is the same priest who befriended radical homosexual activist and openly homosexual priest Father Bernard Lynch.  It was Father Lynch who described the Catholic Church as, "the most homosocial and homophobic institution in the world."  See here.

When Cardinal O'Connor expelled Dignity, the dissident Catholic-in-name only organization from St. Francis Xavier Parish, Fr. Mychal Judge - so heavily promoted by the "Rainbow Ministry" at St. Cecilia's Parish in Boston's Back Bay, provided a home for the dissident group's AIDS ministry which was led by Fr. Lynch. See here.

By painting Father Mychal Judge as saint and martyr, the Syracuse Diocese is revealing the extent of its own apostasy from the Church founded by the Lord Jesus.  Saint Augustine tells us that evil is "amor sui usque ad contemptum Dei," that is, "Evil is the love of self even to the extreme of hating God."  Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed because its "popular morality" was an abomination of evil in the sight of God as were those who sought to defend this "popular morality."

Our Lord Jesus tells us, "If you wish to enter eternal life keep the commandments."  And to the woman who beatified His mother He responds, "Nay, rather blessed are they who hear the word of God and keep it."  And of course, no one heard and kept the word of God better than the Immaculata.  But to these words of the King of Kings, those who promote the sodomite "gospel" respond, "If you wish to enter eternal life, follow only your own conscience." 

Pope Benedict XVI has warned that, "Conscience is understood by many as a sort of deification of subjectivity, a rock of bronze on which even the magisterium is shattered....Conscience appears finally as subjectivity raised to the ultimate standard."  It would appear that the Diocese of Syracuse, New York has succumbed to the sickness of subjectified conscience.  Faithful Catholics, however, will recall the teaching of the Catechism of the Catholic Church: "The dignity of the human person implies and requires uprightness of moral conscience.  Conscience includes the perception of the principles of morality (synderesis); their application in the given circumstances by practical discernment of reasons and goods; and finally judgment about concrete acts yet to be performed or already performed.  The truth about the moral good, stated in the law of reason, is recognized practically and concretely by the prudent judgment of conscience.  We call that man prudent who chooses in conformity with this judgment." (CCC, 1780).  And again: "Conscience must be informed and moral judgment enlightened.  A well-formed conscience is upright and truthful.  It formulates its judgments according to reason, in conformity with the true good willed by the wisdom of the Creator.  The education of conscience is indispensable for human beings who are subjected to negative influences and tempted by sin to prefer their own judgment and to reject authoritative teachings." (CCC, 1783).

Pray for the Syracuse Diocese!


Stewart said...

Like the Boston Archdiocese, Syracuse is slouching toward Gomorrah. The disease of the sodomite "gospel" is spreading like a cancer through the Mystical Body which is the Church.

Pray that this disease will be cut out before any more damage is done to souls.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

The Catechism teaches us that, "Martyrdom is the supreme witness given to the truth of the faith: it means bearing witness even unto death. The martyr bears witness to Christ who died and rose, to whom he is united by charity. He bears witness to the truth of the faith and of Christian doctrine. He endures death through an act of fortitude..." (2473). And paragraph 2474 cites St. Ignatius of Antioch (Ad Rom. 4, 1: SCh 10, 110) as saying that, "Neither the pleasures of the world nor the kingdoms of this age will be of any use to me. It is better for me to die [in order to unite myself] to Christ Jesus than to reign over the ends of the earth.."

Martyrs bear witness to the truth unto death. They do not promote dissent from that truth or set themselves in opposition to the Church's Magisterium.

Father Judge is not a martyr. He was a confused priest who was killed in a horrific terrorist attack. But his death does not make him a martyr any more than J.F.K. is a martyr for the Catholic Faith.

Let's be honest here people. As Archbishop Chaput has said, "Let's stop lying to one another."

Pat said...

Whether Father Judge was gay or not, he lived a life of celibacy and that's all that should matter. It seems he may in fact be a victim of the homosexual propaganda machine, as the following article demonstrates.


Ted Loiseau said...

Wrong Pat. That is not ALL that should matter. Father Judge dissented from Church teaching. As Wikipedia explains:

"Judge was a long-term member of Dignity, a Catholic LGBT activist organization that advocates for change in the Catholic Church's teaching on homosexuality. On October 1, 1986, the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith issued an encyclical, On the Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons, which declared homosexuality to be a "strong tendency ordered toward an intrinsic moral evil". In response, many bishops, including John Cardinal O'Connor, banned Dignity from diocesan churches under their control. Father Judge then welcomed Dignity's AIDS ministry to the Church of Saint Francis of Assisi, which is under the control of the Franciscan friars, thereby partially circumventing the cardinal's ban of Dignity.

Judge disagreed with official Roman Catholic teaching regarding homosexuality.."

It was not Judge's role to "correct" Church teaching. It was his role as a priest to defend and promote this teaching. And he not only failed miserably in this regard. He betrayed the Church by his dissent.

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