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Cardinal George, bereft of the Cardinal Virtue of Fortitude, apologizes for warning that the homosexual hate movement could morph into something similar to the Ku Klux Klan

Readers of this Blog know that I agreed with Cardinal Francis George when he said, "You don't want the gay liberation movement to morph into something like the Ku Klux Klan, demonstrating in the streets against Catholicism."  See here.  Now the Cardinal is apologizing for his comments made last month. Click on the title of this Blog post for full article.
The problem?  He has nothing to apologize for.  The homosexual movement is a hate movement.  And it has already engaged in violent anti-Catholicism as well as attacks against other Christian and Mormon churches.  See here.  The LGBT Movement has never expressed regret for violent acts such as this.

When Jose Nunez was assaulted outside a Catholic Church for promoting Prop 8, the goal of which was to define marriage as only between a man and a woman in California, and he was sent to a hospital where he received 16 stitches for a wound below his left eye, where were the apologies from what Cardinal George has unfortunately referred to as the "gay liberation movement"?  Does the Cardinal believe that sin is somehow liberating?  If not, why would he refer to the LGBT Movement as a "liberation movement"?

As I've warned so many times before at this Blog, the same radical homosexual activists who continually cry for more "tolerance" are anything but tolerant. This is a spiritual war. The homosexual movement is not a civil rights movement. It is an attempt at moral revolution. An attempt to change people's view of homosexuality. Writing in the Chicago Free Press, even homosexual activist Paul Varnell admitted this. He wrote, "The fundamental controverted issue about homosexuality is not discrimination, hate crimes or domestic partnerships, but the morality of homosexuality. Even if gays obtain non-discrimination laws, hate crimes law and domestic partnership benefits, those can do little to counter the underlying moral condemnation which will continue to fester beneath the law and generate hostility, fuel hate crimes, support conversion therapies, encourage gay youth suicide and inhibit the full social acceptance that is our goal. On the other hand, if we convince people that homosexuality is fully moral, then all their inclination to discriminate, engage in gay-bashing or oppose gay marriage disappears. Gay youths and adults could readily accept themselves. So the gay movement, whether we acknowledge it or not, is not a civil rights movement, not even a sexual liberation movement, but a moral revolution aimed at changing people's view of homosexuality." (Paul Varnell, "Defending Our Morality," Chicago Free Press, Aug 16, 2000).

At the Beatification of Joan of Arc on December 13, 1908, Pope St. Pius X said that: "..the greatest asset of the evilly disposed is the cowardice and weakness of Catholics.  Oh!  If I might ask the divine Redeemer, as the prophet Zachary did in spirit: 'What are those wounds in the midst of your hands?' the answer would not be doubtful.  'With these I was wounded in the house of those who did nothing to defend me and who, on every occasion, made themselves the accomplices of my adversaries.'  And this reproach can be levelled at the weak and timid Catholics of all countries."

Yes Your Holiness.  Even certain Cardinals and Bishops.

Fr. Vincent Miceli, S.J., my mentor, once said, "Fortitude is that virtue which enduringly resists difficulties of mind and body while persistently seeking, defending and spreading the truth and holiness of the Gospel.  St. Thomas reminds us that fortitude is especially concerned with overcoming the fear of performing difficult deeds for the glory of God.  This virtue prevents a soldier of Christ, and above all officers in Christ's army such as bishops and priests, from fleeing the field of battle, from betraying the brethren when real or imaginary obstacles present themselves.  The great fault of the pusillanimous is that they succumb easily to irrational fears and leave the field of battle to enemy forces.  This moral deformity reveals a lack of faith in the cause of Christ and a distrust of the assurance he gave his followers when he said to his Apostles: 'Have confidence, I have overcome the world.'  The defect of irrational fear weakens virtue and renders Christians cowards.  All the Apostles except Judas overcame this fear when they received the gift of Fortitude from the Holy Spirit on Pentecost Sunday.  And priests should pray daily for this gift which the Holy Spirit will never deny them."

Pray for Cardinal George and all those priests and bishops who lack the Cardinal Virtue of Fortitude.  Without it, they will continue to flee the field of battle and leave the faithful in disarray.


Robert said...

And just when I was starting to have some respect for Cardinal George....oh well!

Michael Cole said...

Maybe His Eminence would like to apologize for other things the atheists, secular humanists and homosexual activists find "offensive" such as the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the CDF documents asserting that the homosexual inclination is "intrinsically disordered," the Church's teaching that all human life is sacred from the moment of conception, that fornication and adultery are sinful, that contraception is gravely immoral?

Why not just abandon every moral teaching and any expression of absolute truth? Let's all just hold hands and sing Kumbaya and pretend that God's Commandments are merely suggestions and that any belief which is expressed with moral certitude is an example of "hate speech"?

Let's close up shop, fold our arms, and acknowledge that we may as well stop striving to be men and for a life of holiness and all just gratify our basest desires.


Sodomy as "liberation"? Sickening.

Martin said...

I often wonder if Testosterone shots, or maybe a good workout regime would help bishops. I honestly think that there must be something to do with testosterone at play here. I don't want to cast aspersions about any bishop, but I do wonder. I wonder why would a man, particularly a bishop, back down like this instead of holding to his original resolve and conviction. He has nothing to be afraid of. He is a bishop of the Church with the full force of heaven behind him. Why would he back down in the face of a few noisy sissies?

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

I know you're not trying to be insulting Martin. Neither am I. As a cradle Catholic and loyal son of the Church (by the grace of God), I believe the answer to your question was already answered by my patron Saint in Galatians 1 verse 10: "Am I now currying favor with human beings or God? Or am I seeking to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a slave of Christ."

Is Cardinal George trying to please God or man?

I believe any person of good will knows the answer to that question.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Already radical homosexual activists are using Cardinal George's apology for propaganda purposes:


Ted Loiseau said...

The Cardinal caves to the radical homosexual agenda and he wants to remain on past retirement age? Dear God, I pray the Holy Father says: No!

ACatholicinClinton said...

I read Weldon's prejudiced article at his website dedicated to anti-Catholic bigotry. It is high time for Archbishop Nichols to deal with dissenter. If he refuses, Rome should remove him promptly.

Christopher G. said...

I wonder if Cardinal George's "apology" was just a ruse, an opportunity to give the LGBT movement a boost by making it seem like Christians who oppose their hateful tactics are being "too harsh"?

Whatever his motives, the Cardinal has given aid and comfort to the enemies of the Church.

David said...

Great post...thanks for sharing your thoughts. I have never trusted Cardinal George. I'm not about to start now. He has always been a liberal.

Martin said...

You're right Paul. I shouldn't have made that comment and I knew it at the time. Sorry. You can delete this comment. You could also delete my original comment - might be better to do that?

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