Monday, April 02, 2012

Dr. Peter Hearty's Blog allows incitement to violence against Catholics

In a previous post, I demolished radical homosexual activist Terence Weldon's asinine theory about homosexual behavior in animals and wrote, "Other animals, having no free will and guided only by instinct, cannot abuse their faculties and there are no unnatural vices found among them.  Man alone is able to act unnaturally, but is bound not to do so by the natural moral law."

This didn't please Weldon and his associates in the homosexual hate movement.  In one Blog post, Weldon refers to me and cites a post at another Blog authored by Mr. Peter Hearty of the British National Secular Society.  Mr. Hearty not only distorts what I wrote (as well as the citation by Dr. Antonio Pardo), but he allows comments inciting violence against my person and others who uphold the teaching of the Catholic Church on homosexual acts and the homosexual inclination:

Matt Westwood

Sunday, 25 March, 2012, 10:41 AM

This blog is nothing more than incitement to violence. I'm incited to commit violence on them. The time for talking is over. We need to go to war.

Administrator (Rev. Dr. Peter Hearty)

Sunday, 25 March, 2012, 04:17 PM

p.s. Matt - you are joking in your original comment - aren't you???

I'm incited to commit violence on them.

Matt Westwood

Sunday, 25 March, 2012, 05:47 PM

@Peter: I'm not sure I was. I'm getting too tired of people who use violence against others but who hide behind "tu quoque" arguments (or worse) when violence is suggested against them.

To those who say "violence never solved anything" have obviously never experienced that exquisite feeling of satisfaction from having given some complete a'hole the righteous kicking they so richly deserve.

BTW I responded once more to that poisonous blog and unfortunately I wasn't paying attention and addressed it to @Barry, apologies and I hope you understand ...

Dr. Hearty tries to distance himself from the anti-Catholic hatred and incitement to violence by writing, "talk of violence against any group of people, or giving anyone a 'kicking,' is not welcome here."

Really Dr. Hearty?  Is that why you have allowed the comments to stand for the last seven days?

And so it may be seen once again that radical activists in the homosexual hate movement and their associates in atheist/Secular Humanist circles do not really value reason and logic but prefer instead mindless agitprop, slogans and - when they don't get their way - sheer violence.


Michael Cole said...

Hearty's associates are anti-Catholic bigots who obviously have a penchant for violence. When Matt Westwood insists that those who say violence never solved anything "have obviously never experienced that exquisite feeling of satisfaction from having given some complete a'hole the righteous kicking they so richly deserve," he is telling us that he HAS resorted to violence against believers.

I think British police need to follow up on this. Westwood et al come across as sociopaths.

Alex said...

Remember what happened after the Prop 8 fiasco in California? Angry and violent homosexual activists attacked Christians and Mormons and their respective churches.

The "Gay" movement is largely a hate movement judging by the violence we've already witnessed.

Stewart said...

Hearty reveals his true colors with this blog post and by allowing the comments threatening violence. This is the essence of Secular Humanism: anti-Christian and potentially very violent. Remember the calls from some secular humanists to bomb the Vatican or to "arrest" the Pope?

Jonathan said...

Archbishop Nichols should reflect very carefully on just who Terry Weldon is associating with. The vile anti-Catholic comments published at a website which Weldon has endorsed is most troubling.

HornsDino said...

Mr Hearty has removed these comments now, so no doubt you will update your piece appropriately!

As a fan of his blog, I too was horrified by Matt Westwood's comments so please don't tar all non-believers with the same brush.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Sure "Horns." You were so concerned that you remained mute on the subject until now. Dr. Hearty left the comments for more than one week - comments threatening me (and other Catholics) with physical violence - until I wrote this post exposing the hatred and bigotry at his blog.

I'm not the one tarring anyone. If non-believers at Dr. Hearty's blog look hateful, they have only themselves to blame.

As for this blog's commentary, it will remain in the hope that this will serve as a reminder of that inappropriate and violent behavior which originated from a group of non-believers who have chosen incivility over charity and falsehood over truth (recall how Dr. Hearty distorted the citation from Dr. Antonio Pardo).

HornsDino said...

Well, I hope you'll find it in your heart to turn the other cheek and forgive him.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

I already have. Partly because I wish to be forgiven of my sins. But forgiveness does not imply that what was done was morally acceptable, unintentional, or a result of understandable weakness. Rather, it presupposes that the act was objectively unjust, if not malicious.

But I do forgive him.

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