Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Pope Francis and the Eucharistic fast...

In a review of Michael S. Rose's book entitled, "Goodbye, Good Men," Rev. Robert J. Johansen noted that, "There is too much evidence of the abuse of authority in certain dioceses and seminaries to dismiss Rose’s claims as baseless. It is still the case, even in a seminary with a reputation for orthodoxy such as St. Charles, that seminarians would not openly admit to members of the formation committee that they attended a licit (under the Ecclesia Dei indult) Tridentine liturgy for fear of being branded a “reactionary” and hounded out. I know many priests and seminarians who were subjected to harassment similar to that which Rose describes. I personally was turned away by a Midwestern seminary in the mid-1980’s for being “rigid”, “doctrinaire”, and “lacking in pastoral sensitivity.” These terms are recognized “code words” for describing seminarians and candidates who are loyal to Church teaching and discipline, and are attached to traditional forms of piety and devotion. The genius of using such terms is that they do have a legitimate use: There really is such a thing as being rigid or inflexible; there really are priests who lack sensitivity to people’s needs or situations. By co-opting and re-defining such words, those who wished to advance their own agenda were able to masquerade as agents of the Church. Rose is correct in identifying the existence of these people and their agenda and the damage they caused." See here.

"Rigid," "doctrinaire," "lacking in pastoral sensitivity," these are indeed code words used by liberals who are Catholic in name only and for whom the Church's precepts are merely "man-made rules." How significant then that Pope Francis should employ the code-word "rigid" to denounce Catholic priests who favored the Eucharistic fast, going so far as to compare them with Pharisees. See here.

Pope Francis is on the wrong track. Pope John Paul II, in his Letter to all the Bishops of the Church on the Mystery and Worship of the Eucharist (Dominicae Cenae) says that: "..our Catholic communities certainly do not lack people who could participate in Eucharistic Communion and do not, even though they have no serious sin on their conscience as an obstacle. To tell the truth, this attitude, which in some people is linked with an exaggerated severity, has changed in the present century, though it is still to be found here and there. In fact what one finds most often is not so much a feeling of unworthiness as a certain lack of interior willingness, if one may use this expression, a lack of Eucharistic 'hunger' and 'thirst,' which is also a sign of lack of adequate sensitivity towards the great sacrament of love and a lack of understanding of its nature." (No. 11).

But His Holiness then addresses a more serious problem and one which is much more prevalent today [one which Pope Francis seemingly has no problem with]:

"However, we also find in recent years another phenomenon. Sometimes, indeed quite frequently, everybody participating in the eucharistic assembly goes to Communion; and on some such occasions, as experienced pastors confirm, there has not been due care to approach the sacrament of Penance so as to purify one's conscience. This can of course mean that those approaching the Lord's table find nothing on their conscience, according to the objective law of God, to keep them from this sublime and joyful act of being sacramentally united with Christ. But there can also be, at least at times, another idea behind this: the life of our communities to lose the good quality of sensitiveness of Christian conscience, guided solely by respect for Christ, who, when He is received in the Eucharist, should find in the heart of each of us a worthy abode. This question is closely linked not only with the practice of the sacrament of Penance but also with a correct sense of responsibility for the whole deposit of moral teaching and for the precise distinction between good and evil, a distinction which then becomes for each person sharing in the Eucharist the basis for a correct judgment of self to be made in the depths of the personal conscience. St. Paul's words, 'Let a man examine himself,' are well known; this judgment is an indispensable condition for a personal decision whether to approach Eucharistic Communion or to abstain." (No. 11).

The worthy reception of Holy Communion requires a clear conscience. Because of this, someone in the state of mortal sin is not eligible to receive: "Anyone who desires to receive Christ in Eucharistic communion must be in the state of grace. Anyone aware of having sinned mortally must not receive communion without having received absolution in the sacrament of penance." (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1415).

Not long ago, Fr. Catoir, hardly a model of Catholic scholarship or even common sense and good judgment [he has this in common with Francis apparently], wrote, "For centuries, the fear of eternal damnation, even for petty offenses, was taught in the name of religion. George Carlin, the late comedian, abandoned his faith because he saw the absurdity of believing in a God who would send you to hell for all eternity for eating meat on Friday. Many Catholics left the Church for the same reason. Winning them back will take a massive re-education process."

But as Dr. Germain Grisez explains, "Traditionally, the eucharistic fast, required by the Church for the sake of reverence, was considered a grave responsibility which did not admit of parvity. Now, since the requirement is more easily fulfilled, its violation is even harder to excuse...someone who deliberately disregards the eucharistic fast out of irreverence for Jesus or contempt for the Church's law plainly is guilty of grave sin. And, knowing that the fast has been broken , whether by accident or on purpose, in a significant way, anyone as reverent and obedient as he or she should be, will not receive Holy Communion except for a reason sufficient to justify an exception to the Church's law (see CMP. 11.G. 6-7)."

Did George Carlin really leave the Church because he had a problem with the Church's traditional teaching regarding the Eucharistic fast or might not there have been other factors involved in his decision to abandon the Church of Christ? I seem to recall a troubled man who had serious personal problems and who celebrated the use of profanity with a levity which was just disturbing.

Pope John Paul II, in the same Dominicae Cenae, No. 7 writes, "I have already drawn attention to the close link between the sacrament of Penance and the sacrament of the Eucharist. It is not only that Penance leads to the Eucharist, but that the Eucharist also leads to Penance. For when we realize who it is that we receive in Eucharistic communion, there springs up in us almost spontaneously a sense of unworthiness, together with sorrow for our sins and an interior need for purification.."

This is not "rigidity." It's reverence. I would have thought Francis would know the difference. How disappointing that he doesn't.

Yes, the Pharisees were rigid when they chided the Apostles for not washing their hands before eating a common meal. But when we approach Our Eucharistic Jesus, we are not preparing for an ordinary meal. We are about to receive the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity.

Reverence is not rigidity. The so-called "rigidity" of the Catholic Church before Vatican II produced saints such as the Little Flower and Padre Pio.

We watered down the Eucharistic fast. We watered down liturgical rubrics and liturgical music. Reverence was jettisoned, labeled as "rigidity." Now even doctrine is being assailed.

Is the Church better off now than it was in Fulton Sheen's time? If you think so, I have news for you: You're insane.


Anonymous said...


We're in bad shape now!

David said...

When it comes to priests with a homosexual inclination, Francis says, "Who am I to judge?" But he ridicules priests who favored approaching the Blessed Sacrament with reverence.

Whatever happened to "Who am I to judge?"

I don't trust Francis.

Anonymous said...

It is surreal how the faith is under attack from within the Church. I don't want to go to mass anymore: they have killed my religion.

Peter said...

It seems mercy and compassion for everyone (Jew, Muslim, atheist, liberal 'Catholics' etc...) except the faithful, Traditional Catholics. I feel the hits, and they keep coming from this Pope.

Anonymous said...


This is an excellent post!

God bless you for speaking the truth!

I encourage every Catholic to make reparation, by resolving always to receive on the tongue and kneeling not matter how much you may suffer for it...

by this little act, we can restore the Faith in millions of souls!

M. Prodigal said...

Nor do I trust this pope. He is seemingly bent on being soft on sin and reverence and persecuting the most faithful of Catholic and always seems to be belittling of calling someone bad names. Constantly. Constantly are controversial statements and we have no idea what will come out of his mouth next.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Good comments. Let's see if Pope Francis will actually listen to the members of his flock who are expressing their concerns over his pronouncements.

He recently told Bishops that they should listen to their people. Will he set the example? Or are his words all show and no stay?

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

A pope who wants people he deems "rigid" to fall into sin:

If this is not evidence of the demonic in this Pontiff, what is it?

Robert said...

Michael Brown keeps posting articles (like one today) suggesting that Pope Francis is misunderstood. But many good Catholics know better. We understand all too well where he is coming from. I have followed Michael for years. But no more. I'm concerned that he lacks objectivity here.

How does he justify a pope who WANTS PEOPLE TO SIN?

The masons have their pope. Behold the end times.

Betty said...

Make of your homes an ark. Pray without ceasing. The serpent has entered into the highest levels of the Church. The child conceived by demon seed is with us.

Anonymous said...

We stopped giving to our parish or the Diocese. From now on we are only donating to faithful traditional Catholic communities and groups.

Ecclesiastical masonry has their pope. Soon, homosexual "marriage" Will be celebrated and every Dogma will be in peril. How much longer before the Mass is suppressed?

Ted Loiseau said...

When I read that Pope Francis wants certain people to slip and fall into sin, on a "banana peel" from God, my first thought was "this man is demon possessed."

The old maxim which says "misery loves company" might apply here. Could it be that Francis wants others to sin because he has slipped into sin?

In my whole life, I never thought I would see a pope wishing others into sin. It's almost like a witchcraft spell or something: May you slip and fall into sin!

Is Francis really serving Jesus or he who leads into sin?

BaldwinvilleCatholic said...

Pray to the Immaculate Heart of Mary for protection. The Third Secret of Fatima is being fulfilled. Much of the hierarchy has become corrupt and has lost the faith. The Apostasy is in full swing now. The Antichrist is surely behind the scenes directing affairs. A pope says he wants Catholics to fall and sin. What else is this but the fruit of the ceremony which was held in the Vatican consecrating the Church to Satan.

Anonymous said...

I recently wrote a book on Catholic prophecy entitled The Five Beasts of St. Hildegard. It's an interpretation of her vision of five beasts representing five historical periods before the Antichrist.

I compared Hildegard's description of the eras to the historical eras that made up the 20th century. What I found was that we are in the latter part of the fourth era. The fifth era is one of violence and persecution but spiritual renewal in the Church as well. It's probably a decade or so away (maybe less).

The first four eras matched remarkably well.

Thank you for your work!

Reid Turner

Unknown said...


Woe, Woe, Woe
satan is using a hoe
to attack us and destroy
hidden in the horse of Troy

he puts on a "friendly face"
for, "just in case"
we fall into his trap
he can deride us in his lap

Following You, our heavenly Boss,
on the way of the Cross
satan always lies in wait
to entice us with his bait

As he has only a short time left
his behavior becomes very deft
enticing as many as he can get
to lure them in his evil drag-net

But I know, oh my Lord
that I try to strike a chord
to elicit Your intervention
to keep satan in detention

Impatiently waiting for Your return
which we still need to earn
free us from the snares of the devil
push him back to the lowest level

In God we trust
Rita Biesemans November 5 2013

Unknown said...


The signs of the times
speak loud and clear
the sounds of the chimes
are set in high gear

Progressives are winning
the hearts and the mind
of those who are sinning
while keeping them blind

They play the “good guys”
people are in adoration
gladly following their lies
on the way to damnation

Rome will loose the faith
said Our Lady at La Salette
they close the heaven’s gate
playing the harbinger’s trumpet

Nowadays everything goes
“Jesus forgave all sinners”
forget violent Death Throes
In jesus there are only winners

No words about “go and sin no more”
no life style change exhortation
no admonition on how to restore
the only true way to our salvation

Rome Rome you kicked out Peter
and gave Jesus the Judas kiss
remember the end of this cheater
“repent’ or end up in the abyss !!!

Rita Biesemans, October 9 2014

Peter said...

Anonymous, you can find somewhere that the Mass is offered reverently, even if you have to travel a bit. You don't turn away in infidelity to JESUS in response to the infidelity of the Church leaders who are betraying the LORD. This crisis is a call to holiness, not cowardice.

Unknown said...

20+ years ago I was trying out several churches in Phoenix, Scottsdale et al. to find a church to go to Mass in all serenity without the handshaking, kissing, laughing, talking during Mass, after Communion, and after the Mass. Didn't find a single one. I called the Diocese, was still under O'Brien, for information and asked where to find a more traditional style Holy Mass.
The answer I got was : "You go to church to SOCIALIZE !!!" My answer was : "If I want to socialize
I'll go to a bar. " They hang up on me. And nowadays it's even worse : After a nightshift I went to a Church in Scottsdale,AZ, I knelt down on the floor to receive Holy Communion (while a guy was playing the guitar, I hate that) but the priest turned around and wanted to leave but I stayed there kneeling and so he turned around and came back. He had to give me Communion on the tongue, I kissed the floor and returned to my bench. Riki

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